This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

I didn’t really want to follow my last post with another post about moving house, but let’s be real – when you move house it pretty much takes over your life. It IS your life.

We’re in, we’re feeling settled and we’re almost unpacked. Which is amazing, and more than I could have hoped.

The actual moving weekend was mega stressful and I’m not going to lie – I never want to move again. Which is what I said the last time, but something tells me this house is more of a keeper.


Over on instagram I’ve been sharing elements of the house. Once it’s more finished I’ll share some more but until now, head over there to see tidbits going forward.

But the house is amazing, I’m very much revelling in the fact that I have a dishwasher once more. And even though by square foot this house is smaller than the last, it feels so much bigger. The space is useable and well-planned out. The kitchen is the star of the house and since it’s such a social space, I’m really looking forward to having people over once we’ve got our dining table in. I’m in love!


Other than moving I’ve been doing a lot of catching up on tv I missed when we were packed up, which is great because I’m having to force myself to STOP UNPACKING every waking second. So we’ve watched all of Twin Peaks (omg) and have started re-watching The Wire again. I think I might dedicate a whole post to Twin Peaks – not that there’s really a huge amount of coherent writing to be had on that subject, but we’ll see. Great British Bake Off is back, as is Dr Foster and American Horror Story (though I’m not too keen on the first episode I saw of this…. I’m not a fan of clowns.)

So my posts will start to feel a little more normal going forward. I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up and some exciting projects I’m working on, so keep your eyes peeled for those. If you’re a fan of Halloween and scary movies I have some posts, I’m really looking forward to writing, in the pipeline and of course there’s my trip to Orlando to look forward to!


If you don’t already follow me on other social platforms, you can find me on twitter as @Shutterbug_Blog on instagram as groggits and on YouTube at the Musings of a So-Called Shutterbug channel. So follow me over there too, for stuff as and when it happens!

Until next time 🙂

Infuse My. Colour Wash – Tried and Tested!

A few weeks ago I was sent a bottle of the new Infuse My. Colour Wash in Copper to try. I’ve been colouring my hair for 18 years now, so I’m always willing to try new products, techniques and anything that will help the condition of my hair and make things easier.



The Infuse My. Colour Wash colours were created to be 100% vegan, contain no sulphates, parabens or silicone and were designed to boost your hair colour in between colouring.


Since my hair is red/brown with copper highlights I went with the copper colour, but they do a whole range of colours to boost all tones and shades.


My aim was to see whether I could bridge the gap between colouring sessions, and tone my mousey blonde roots to blend with the rest of my colour, as I intend on letting my hair grow out a bit before re-colouring again.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know I wash my hair backwards so for the purposes of using this product properly I decided to wash my hair the conventional way, to give it a fair go.

The method for using this, is to use the product as normal shampoo, wash it out as soon as the hair is coated, without waiting any time, and then condition as normal.

Here’s before I started with the colour wash:



A nice picture of my dusty scalp…. But as you can see, I have quite a lot of warm tones in my hair, and then some lovely boring mousey roots poking through at the top.

So how did I get on? Well, I love the bottle. You get a hefty 270ml for just under £14. The cap is a push top, which means you don’t have to faff with unscrewing the cap and you can squeeze the product out. Because it doesn’t contain the nasties, it doesn’t lather as much as a standard drugstore shampoo, however you can spread it through your hair easily, and it smells amazing – like fresh, clean apples!

The product didn’t stain my hands or my bath tub, but I did feel I needed to scrub under my nails afterwards.


My hair felt lovely during washing, and after, and I was able to comb my wet hair through easily. The water ran clear very quickly and no staining was left on my towel once I removed it.

On inspection of my hair after blow-drying, I saw no difference. There was maybe a little bit of a copper sheen to the red/brown colour underneath my hair, but honestly, there was no change. My roots were still the same colour, but I knew that part of my hair would be stubborn. So I decided to try again the next time I washed my hair.

The next time I washed my hair, I decided to mix it up a bit. I went back to reverse washing, popped on an Aussie 3 minute hair mask to the lengths of my hair, and then the colour wash all over, on top. I left this for a couple of minutes and washed it all out.

After drying my hair, I could see more of a difference. The blonder highlights in my hair were definitely more copper toned, and I felt like my hair was more of an even colour. My roots, however, were again completely as they had been previously. I mean, this isn’t a hair dye, and I know my hair is stubborn when it comes to colouring – I can usually only get a decent colour result using permanent dye.

Here’s the ‘after’ pictures:



You can see that my roots remained the same colour as before, however I think you can tell from the picture above that the lengths of my hair were definitely more copper-toned.

The next time I washed my hair, I used my normal shampoo and conditioner and all of the copper colour I’d added washed out. So if I was going to maintain the copper colour I’d added, I would need to use this every time I washed my hair.

For the cost of this product, I wouldn’t be able to maintain this, but as the odd one-off for a particular occasion, it would be wouldn’t be bad.

I found the Infuse My. Colour Wash to be most effective on the areas of my hair that had been highlighted. But the change was very subtle and only happened once I’d left the product on for a number of minutes.

As a shampoo, it left my hair feeling lovely, and conditioned. I was happy that the ingredients would be good for my hair, and I would have no reservations using this regularly, from a hair care perspective.

I think if you had naturally strawberry blonde, or coloured ginger hair, or if you had highlights you wanted to turn peach/copper then give this a go. It’s a wash in/wash out solution and would help you make a change to your hair without the commitment. If you were looking for something that would be a little more long-lasting and possibly to help with root regrowth between colouring sessions, I’d probably not use this product.

But overall the pros outweigh the cons. I work my hair hard, and I like what I like. My choice for hair colour is unconventional so I can’t expect products to work just for my requirements.

If you have bleached blonde, or platinum hair, I’d love to see what results you could get from using the Infuse My. Colour Wash in the various different tones. If you’ve already used this product, I’d love to hear how you got on!

I also captured my trial of the Infuse My. Colour Wash on film, and have popped it onto my YouTube channel, which you can see here!


The Infuse My. Colour Range can be found at Boots and retails at £13.95. I was supplied this bottle for free by My.Haircare, in return for an honest review, which is what I’ve provided.



Adulting & Growing Old: What Adults Never Told You When You Were Young

I’m coming up to 34 years old next month, and I have to be honest, I still feel 19 in my head. I think I always will.

I’ve been blessed with a young-looking face, and people always think I’m about 6 years younger than I actually am. I used to hate this but now I like it, and I hope it doesn’t change.

Me and my husband used to look at photos of when we had first met and compare them with current ones, then comment on how we hadn’t changed. But now we look at those same pictures and notice a massive difference. I’m getting old! Not really, but I’m definitely looking older.

Last week I found my first white hair – not grey, white – and I was so happy. I love the idea of getting older, and I feel like I’ve hit another milestone. I’ve been looking for greys for a while now, but since I dye my hair (and have done since I was 16) I rarely see my natural colour. For some reason this time around, my mousey-roots making an appearance hasn’t bothered me so I’m holding out dying my hair until I snap back into hating it again. My plan is that if my hair goes white I won’t have to dye or highlight it any more. I’m aware that won’t work, but let me dream for a while.


When I was a kid, I knew that as soon as I hit 18 I’d be an adult and have it all sussed out. But along with no one telling you how much aftercare having a tattoo takes and what REALLY goes on when you give birth, it’s one of those things that people don’t tell you when you’re a kid and leave you to work out yourself;

You’ll never really feel like an adult. (Shh don’t tell the kids).

I often see a term banded around on twitter – ‘Adulting’, and I think it’s perfect. For example “I had pizza for breakfast #adulting” or “Spent the afternoon doing my accounts, and now I’m off to a wine bar #adulting” It’s used perfectly to illustrate the psyche of an ‘adult’ who has the brain of a teenager doing things they feel that can or should do but not quite feeling like an adult.

I’ve always said that I never want to feel like an adult. If I start feeling that way, things will be dull and boring and I will have lost the fun. I also say you’re never truly old until you hit about 80, so I’ve got some time to go.


You spend your young life learning how to be when you’re thrust out into the big wild world, but you never really stop learning. You can continue to educate yourself both academically and by learning from experience and the experience of others. Everyone you meet teaches you something about people and about yourself. You never stop making mistakes, learning from them and choosing which path to take.


I find growing older to be the biggest adventure. It’s exciting. I want to be a sponge taking it all in, adapting myself to it and moving on to the next thing. I know a lot of people who went through a funk when they hit 30, but I was the most excited. This year I turn 34 and whilst I’m not so keen with my skin changing, my ability to go out in the evening on a ‘school night’ diminishing and my life responsibilities going up, I still know there’s so much ahead of me. There’s time to learn, change, experience and move forward. There are people I haven’t met, places I haven’t seen and so many things I need to learn about myself.

Who wouldn’t want to move forward and experience all of that?

Requested: My Every Day Makeup Application

I was recently asked to write a post on what order I apply my every day makeup. I really liked the idea because I quite often think to myself that I put my makeup on a little bit backwards! But there’s a reason behind it, and I’d like to share that with you today!

Since I’m a really cack-handed, accident-prone person I always start makeup with my eyes. I’m the kind of person who likes to try things out with my eyes, since I’m new at this makeup thing. I have a tendency to sneeze, blink or just poke myself in the eye with mascara and because of that I’d much rather be able to remove my eye makeup without messing up my base and having to start all over again – and wasting product. I can also wipe away any fallout from eyeshadows without worrying about mucking things up! So whatever look I’m doing I will always start with my eyes.

Firstly I tightline. I don’t always do this but I like the fuller look it gives my lashes. I use the NYX Tres Jolie gel eyeliner pencils because they rarely transfer and they stay put. A lot of people think tightlining is lining the waterline, but it’s actually not. It’s pushing eyeliner between the lashes on the lashline to give a fuller appearance at the base of the lashes. I will use this eyeliner to push product between the lashes and then use a cotton bud to neaten up and remove any product from my waterline. It takes some practice at the start but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. I’ll sometimes use a tiny angled nail art brush with a Bobbi Brown gel pot instead. I have very watery eyes, and they’re sensitive too so I make sure there’s no product likely to drop into my eyes.

If I’m using eyeshadow, I’ll do this next, starting with a primer (I use NYX at the moment) and then go ahead with the shadow colours. Eyeliner comes next, if I’m using it and then I’ll curl my lashes and use mascara. I use the CoverGirl Clump Crusher, which is my current favourite. It actually keeps my lashes separated, coated and somewhat curled for the whole day and doesn’t leave me looking spidery. It doesn’t flake either!

Once my eyes are done, I prime. I use the Pür HydraGel lift under eye primer and whatever face primer I’m using at the time. Let those settle a little and then go in with my foundation. Then I use concealer on my face and lastly on my under eyes. I like the Benefit BOI-ING potted concealers.

Currently I set my under eyes with the ELF brightening under eye powder, and my face (only where I’ve put concealer) with the Bare Minerals Perfecting Veil pressed powder. But I’m actually considering picking up the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder because I need some help with oil on my nose before the summer hits.

Next I’ll go onto blush and bronzer (if I’m wearing it) I’ll apply the bronzer first because it gives me and idea of what blush shade I should go for.

Then I’ll use clear brow gel (NYX Control Freak) to tame my eyebrows – I don’t use any coloured products on my eye brows because they’re heavy as they are. They just need setting so they don’t move during the day!

If I’m going to use a setting spray I’ll spritz that next because it will sometimes dull the brightening effects of the under eye products I use. If this happens I’ll tap a tiny amount of Touche Eclat under my eyes and on my nose to highlight, once the setting spray has dried.

Lastly I’ll go to my lips with whatever product I’ve decided will work – balm, gloss, lipstick.

Then I’ll probably spend 10 minutes trying to find suitable light to take a selfie and then I’m done!

I hope you’ve found this useful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to pop those below!


This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

It’s been a busy few weeks and feels like I haven’t slowed down! With so much to do it’s important to plan in down time, and thankfully I feel like I’ve managed to book in some of that too!

Two weekends ago I spent a lovely evening with my Mum and Sister at a local pub for a girly meal. It was a really great evening, despite the waitress mixing up the drinks and telling us the alcohol was in the wrong one. Doh!

Then this weekend I had an awesome Five Guys on Friday evening, Saturday was spent in London, at the Glamour Beauty Festival. I met up with a fellow blogger Sophie Kate, who had won tickets to the event via Pixi Cosmetics and chose to take me along!


The event was really great – we didn’t have much time due to prior engagements, so skipped on our talk, but got to see all the stands and grab our goodie bags. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to this event, coming soon!

There was also an awesome food market just outside the Saatchi Gallery that I had a little look at before heading off.



After the event I met up with Gary and we headed to get some lunch at Bodeans in Soho. We love this place, as it’s really authentic BBQ, done right. The food is so good, and they have Key Lime pie on their desert menu – so we had to go there, really 😀


After lunch we wandered towards Covent Garden, and Neal street as there was a store Brandy Melville I wanted to pop into. On the way we came across a really powerful women’s march, against male violence towards women. It was really wonderful seeing women of all colours, races and cultures marching together. Many of the banners spoke of first hand experience and really struck with me.


Ironically after we’d been to Neal Street (where I bought I lovely grey and so so soft sweater at Brandy Melville) we came across a load of police standing by as a group of drunk, aggressive football hooligans threw cups of beer into the shoppers and made utter fools of themselves. After seeing the women’s march, to see this from these men was like seeing two polar opposites of human nature. It’s amazing how humans can be both so strong and inspiring, and so disappointing all at once. It was a really grounding experience.

We also popped into the Minalima store and exhibition in Soho. We’d been given a flyer when we saw The Cursed Child, and hadn’t had the time to pop in, but it was great to see what they had in there. The building was 3 floors up, creaky floorboards and all, which really suited the theme.

After this we wandered around for a bit and then decided to head home because we had gotten up super early, eaten too much were really tired! It was a really awesome day. And once we’d gotten home I had a root through my goodie back from the festival, and OMG. You’ll have to check back for my post to see what I got!

I also posted my ColourPop video to my YouTube channel, so make sure you have a look if you are interested in seeing what I picked up. I’ve linked the video below.

The next few weekends are really busy too, so I don’t know whether I’ll have videos to go up for a couple of weeks. Next weekend is a family wedding, and then the following weekend I fly to Rome. The weekend after we’re off to Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge – Hopefully I’ll have video of some of that to go up afterwards.

In the meantime, keep up with me on instagram and twitter!


Las Vegas by Numbers

Last week we spent an amazing 7 days in one of our favourite places in the world, Las Vegas. But you don’t want a boring day by day run down of our holiday, so here’s our vacation round-up by numbers!

  • 11 – the number of hours our flight to Las Vegas took.


  • 8 – hours behind the UK. We didn’t really suffer from jet lag either when we arrived or when we came home.
  • 2 – boxes of blister plasters I went through when I realised I’d brought all the wrong shoes to trample the strip.
  • 2 – pairs of new shoes I bought while there to assist my poor broken feet.
  • 10 – we averaged 10 miles a day walking around. No wonder my feet hurt!
  • 3 – the number of shows we saw whilst there – Michael Jackson One (Cirque de Soleil), Human Nature Motown Show, Jersey Boys (our 6th time seeing the show!)


  • 4 – I watched 4 new movies over our 2 international flights – Mockingjay Pt 1, Men Women and Children, Nightcrawler and Skeleton Twins. I really recommend the last three.
  • 1 – The number of times we heard the word ‘dang’ legitimately used.
  • 2 – We ate at Hash House a Go Go twice, on our first morning and our last. It was worth the wait on the last day.


  • 3 – the number of games of roulette I played. Also the number of games I came out up!


  • 35 – the number of hours we were awake from the day we left Las Vegas to the day we arrived back home.
  • 1 – the number of times I rode the New York, New York rollercoaster. It was fun, but wasn’t thrilling. I need something more extreme! Gimme the Hollywood Tower of Terror!

11061285_10155478212280727_6311385057821856076_nWe love Las Vegas and can see ourselves making a trip there a regular occurence!

Goodbye 2014 – Hello 2015!

Well, last year was an amazing year, jam-packed full with some exciting stuff. I honestly can’t believe it’s over and a new year has begun already. At the end of September it seems I blinked and here I am in January! Is this a sign of getting old, or just being really busy? I’m hoping it’s the latter.

Anyway, I began 2014 with anticipation of my first half marathon to run, and knowing I would apply for the London Marathon (spoiler alert, I didn’t get in!) but I had no idea I’d be ending it with one of my friends having had a baby and another getting engaged. Who knows how 2015 will end? It’s been a fab year, and here’s a run down of what I have been up to:


  • I began the year with my new 5 year Q&A diary. I started with good intentions but as with all these kinds of things I didn’t have the follow through and ended up forgetting to fill it in by about month 3. Bad Erin.
  • Training began for the MK Half Marathon.
  • I started the 30 day plank challenge, and gave up at that about midway through after realising my core wasn’t strong enough to start with and I was causing more damage than good. Maybe I’ll give it another go in 2015 now my core is a bit stronger.


  • I saw Taylor Swift in her Red tour with Gary and my Niece.
  • We watched Dog Day Afternoon at the Southbank BFI as part of their Al Pacino Season.
  • We saw Pixar in Concert with music played by the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall.

photo 1

  • I was in full swing with healthy food and meal preparation to accompany our training.
  • I was mostly listening to Afterglow by Wilkinson as my song of the moment.
  • I was a featured photographer on Red Bubble’s Front Page.


  • My friend Jen and I tried our hands at Yoga.
  • I ran my first sub 30 minute 5k
  • Gary and I completed the MK 10k on the hottest day of the year so far.

photo 1


  • I started the 100 Happy Days instagram project. (Look right for my instagram widget and to follow me there!)
  • We cheered on the runners at the London Marathon.
  • My music of choice this month was Mr Little Jeans – check her out!
  • Easter was spent with friends with a Good Friday meal out and then a roast dinner with the Book Club girls. We found out one of the girls was pregnant and due in November – the first book club baby!


  • Gary, Tash and I ran the fairly disappointing Electric Run but it was fun to dress up!



  • This month saw Gary and I complete our first half marathon. It was a tough slog, but we did it!


  • I spent a few weekends catching up with old friends and really enjoying the beautiful weather.
  • Gary and I went to Brighton with his family and I got my wish to see the sea!


  • I was mostly listening to Hozier this month.


  • In early June Gary and I went back to the O2 and saw Katy Perry in her Prismatic tour.


  • I was very proud of my girls when we completed the Race for Life together with great finishing times.


  • I became a World Cup widow and as a result worked my way through the complete series of Veronica Mars. It was rather fun actually!


  • And so began my busiest month of the year as Musings of a So-Called Shutterbug turned 5 years old!
  • I spent time with friends at the local Waterside Festival and in the same weekend accidentally went to see Haim and Kings of Leon at the Mk Bowl.


  • I went riding rollercoasters with my Sister-In-Law at Thorpe Park.
  • Gary and I visited Southend on Sea and saw the sea again.
  • We began regular cardio training after a break from the gym since the half marathon.
  • My BFF Jen’s hard work paid off as she looked amazing on stage at her bikini competition.


  • We played tourist in London and visited Westminster Abbey.
  • Tash and I ran the Women’s Running 10k, this year in Milton Keynes, in the pouring rain.


  • One of my top 3 events of the year happened this month: Hot Dub Time Machine on the Southbank. It really was the best party ever.
  • I coined the term Flogging.
  • Book Club Girl, Sarah announced her engagement!



  • We celebrated Sarah’s 30th Birthday in style with a wonderful picnic and BBQ party.
  • Gary and I went back in time with Secret Cinema

  • We tried our hands at Body Attack.
  • Robin Williams lost his battle with depression. Dialogue and discussion was opened up around the world and people were openly discussing mental disorders for the first time.
  • Gary and I saw Brief Encounter at the Royal Festival Hall with musical score performed live by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.
  • V Festival rocked our socks


  • The internet was overtaken by the Ice Bucket Challenge

  • Two wonderful men were able to legally marry and I was able to share some of their day with them.


  • This month I was mostly listening to Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran.
  • Gary surprised me and to celebrate our wedding anniversary we went to Disneyland Paris, the happiest place on earth!

ears castle

  • I joined Rock Choir with my Mum.


  • Taylor Swift released 1989 so I pretty much rocked out to that for the whole month.
  • We threw a cute little baby shower for Book Clubber, Caz


  • My first concert with Rock Choir was this month, supporting Kerry Ellis on her UK tour and singing on stage for the first time in 13 years. What a way to make my return!
  • Jen and I went to the Royal Festival Hall to see Lena Dunham speak for her world book tour.



  • Baby Leo was born and what a cutie he is!
The cutest Santa Baby you ever saw! Little Leo!
The cutest Santa Baby you ever saw! Little Leo!


  • Rock Choir had a lot of events in store for us including Hatfield Frost Fair and finally recording at Abbey Road!



  • Christmas came and went!
  • The Book Club met together for a New Year’s Eve Eve meal and resolutions/predictions were set for the following year. We said goodbye to Sarah for three months and as I type she’s winging her way to Orlando. Not jealous at all…. 😀

So you can see it was a pretty full 2014. I already have two runs booked for 2015 (Bupa 10,000 and Women’s Running 10k), a gig at the end of January (Hozier) and plans for V Festival. Sarah’s Hen party to Ibiza at the start of September and a potential spa evening with the Book Club girls in March. Fitness intentions are to be bikini confident by September and health intentions are to get hold of and beat the anxiety that controls me daily. I intend on winning this battle most of all, and I’ll start with my fear of driving which I have almost beaten but not quite.

I really can’t wait to see what 2015 holds and take you along for the ride!

2015… what’ya got for me?

God Bless Us, Everyone

I don’t know how it’s happened, but all of a sudden it’s Christmas Eve Eve! I type this as I watch A Muppet Christmas Carol and sip on a snowball. I finally got around to writing my Christmas cards this evening, and wrapping the last of the presents. My new Christmas jumper is twitching in my wardrobe, eager to be worn (I won it in a competition Fat Face were running on their Facebook page. It’s worth entering these things, apparently!)

Since I last wrote a few things have happened:

  • My good friend Tash ran her first half marathon in a very respectable time and I am super proud of her!
  • We went to London for our work’s Christmas party and saw some old friends.
  • The book club girls came over and we got to spend a chilled afternoon in each other’s company AND have cuddles with little baby Leo.
  • I’ve watched more Christmas movies. We now have The Grinch, Love Actually and Bernard and the Genie under our belts.
  • More Christmas lights have been added to our living room grotto and it’s super Christmassey!
  • I made and have delivered most of my handmade Christmas pressies for this year. I plan on blogging about them after Christmas since not everyone has had theirs yet. But they have seemed to go down well so far!

Christmas Eve tomorrow will be spent at work for most of the day, getting festive with my wonderful team and then G-Man and I will share a very festive KFC dinner and watch our traditional Christmas Eve films, The Holiday and then The Polar Express (with hot chocolate of course!) Last Christmas, Gary and I wrote letters to ourselves a year in the future all about the past year and what we expected for 2014. We don’t know what each other wrote, but tomorrow evening we’ll open them. It’s our first year doing this, and I have no idea what I wrote so I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what it says!

I honestly can’t believe that it’s almost the end of 2014 and I’m really looking forward to writing my round-up. It’s been such an amazing year and I really can’t wait for 2015!

So there’s nothing left to do but to wish all my readers a safe and exciting Christmas and New Year. I hope you are able to spend it with friends and family and that whatever your situation it’s filled with love. Merry Christmas!

I won a Christmas jumper!
I won a Christmas jumper!


The cutest Santa Baby you ever saw! Little Leo!
The cutest Santa Baby you ever saw! Little Leo!


Getting festive in the supermarket


Shutterbug Wears Lexie


I’ve spoken about Lexie in the past when I told you all about the time I visited their pop up shop at Boxpark. Well, during that visit I spotted a lovely long sleeve sweat top in one of the promo photos. I was told by Lexie’s founder Lily, that it would be available soon and to keep an eye out.

At that time I bought one of their t-shirts and I have to say it’s absolutely one of my favourite work out tops. Not only is it comfortable and soft, it looks great on. It accentuates all the curves you’d want it to, and I love the sexy black mesh panel at the back. I love to wear my neon orange sports bra with it because the contrast works really well.

Lily contacted me a while back and let me know production hadn’t begun on the long sleeved top I wanted but she offered to let me get my eager little hands on the sample I’d seen in the promo shot on my original visit.

I jumped at the chance and soon it had arrived. The top is mostly a similar black mesh to the tee I bought but a little thicker, so a little more robust. There is a waffle t-shirt panel across the front with Lexie’s great triangle logo embroidered and then another panel of the same fabric down the inside of the arm.


Now that the weather is getting a little autumnal this is going to be my perfect work out top. It’s ideal with just a sports bra underneath when I’m doing a weights session, and it’s great layered on top of a sports vest when going between classes at the gym. I’m in love!

A huge thank you has to go to Lily at Lexie for giving this huge Lexie fan the opportunity to get her mitts on something she’d been lusting over for a while! I feel special when I wear it knowing that, for the time being at least, I’m the only one that owns this amazing bit of workout kit.


If you hadn’t heard of Lexie before, I recommend you head over to their website and check out their current collection. They’ve been featured in loads of articles over the last few months, and Kimberley Wyatt even wore their wonderful leggings in a recent shoot.

Aren’t they amazing? I can’t wait to see their next collection!

This Week I Have Been Mostly….


Yes, it’s only midweek, but time flies so fast – so here’s my ‘this week I have been mostly’ update:

  • Changing from coffee to tea. I usually go through phases where I want either tea or coffee, but never both. I’ve just started making my change back to tea, and with good timing since Teafields London have sent me a huge parcel of samples. They’ve included some wonderful (and expensive) teas including a beautiful flowery earl grey, jasmine pearls and some wonderful looking green tea that looks like little pebbles. I plan on doing them justice by sampling each one and doing a write-up on here, so stay tuned!


  • Feeling nostalgic as one of my friends found an old photo from around 2001 at a Four Star Mary gig in Oxford. The room we were in was above a pub and hotter than hell. I can be seen in the photo below wearing a union jack skinny fit tee which I loved, and it said Made In England under the flag. I’m going to be celebrating Aaron, the guy in the photo’s wedding at the end of the month alongside a lot of the people with whom I went to this gig – it’ll be a fabulous reunion!


  • I’ve been so busy recently that I haven’t had a huge amount of time for Pinterest or Instagram but that just means that when I do find the time, there’s a lot of lovely things to look at. One such thing was this lipstick I found on Pinterest. I have since found it for just a few quid on Amazon and have proceeded to add it to my birthday wishlist. It looks like magic!

  • Looking forward to my next Body Attack class, tomorrow evening. It’s crazy since it’s such intense cardio and during it you feel like you want to die, but afterwards you know how hard you’ve worked. I can’t wait to continue attending and see the improvements weeks down the line.


  • Looking forward to Saturday because during the day I’m meeting up with the girls for a picnic kind of to celebrate my birthday which is the following week, and in the evening to celebrate Tash’s birthday, also next week, with drinks and dancing. The weather’s looking a little shoddy but one of the girls has offered up their house as a backup should it seem a little dicey picnicking by the lake. I love spending time with these girls so I really can’t wait for Saturday to arrive!

Lots to look forward, and more to come!