Glossier Generation G vs ColourPop Blotted Lip

The first time I heard of the ColourPop Blotted Lip lipsticks, I was sold. A product that punched a little pigment, without that matte matte finish but something a bit more natural and not glossy. I bought the first 3 of their limited edition range and then a few more when they released some into their staple line.

I’d never heard of Glossier at that point, but when I saw the Generation G lipsticks a few months down the line, I was struck by how similar the packaging was.

Then when Glossier became accessible to me, I decided to put a couple into my basket and give them a go. By that point I was a fan of the Blotted Lips so I wanted to try to compare them.

And now I’m going to compare the two formulas for you, so you can see whether the price difference is worth it and which one I prefer.



Let’s start with the packaging. As you can see they’re very similar.

The ColourPop Blotted Lip gives 1g of product and costs $5 (about £3.60). It comes in 8 shades currently. The tube is plastic and white, and when you take the lid off the product is in a twisty tube. There’s an issue with the packaging in that sometimes when you pull the lid off, the whole product comes out of the bullet and will land (and stain) wherever you don’t want it to. As you can see from the picture above, there is a little mess in the lid and as such it has transferred onto the bullet. This is because the product has come out of my tube and rattled around.


This shade Sucker is the closest I could get from my range, to the one I chose from the Glossier collection. I believe there was another, Zuma, which was closer, but I don’t think ColourPop sell that any more.

The packaging of the Glossier Generation G lipsticks is basically the same, just a little shorter. In here you get 2g of product for £14. Obviously there’s a price difference, but you get double the product in here.


The shade Zip was my shade of choice for this post. I believe that people have had the same issue with the product falling out of the packaging with these too, so they’re on a parr with each other on that. I haven’t experienced this with these yet, but I’m conscious of how I open the lid due to this.

Let’s talk about the formula.


On the left we have the Gen G lipstick in Zip, and on the right the Blotted Lip in Sucker.

From the swatches you can see the Blotted Lip is slightly sheerer. You can also see it wasn’t an even swatch and there were a few dry flakes. The Generation G swatch is more strongly pigmented and creamier. The colour is even on my arm and actually was harder to rub off.

On the lips the performance is very similar. The Blotted Lip will glide on but patch. It’s drier on the lips and doesn’t last as long. It doesn’t enjoy balm on top and will wear off to a patchy finish. That being said, you can build it up nicely and if you have scrubbed your lips and balmed them a little while before, you will get a comfortable, pigmented and long-lasting finish.

The Generation G glides on to a more pigmented finish from the start, is comfortable and accepts a tap of lip balm on top when needed. It offers a lovely wash of something to the lips when it’s needed, but can be built up without patchiness.

The verdict:

As you have probably guessed, I’m a bigger fan of the Glossier Generation G lipstick. The formula is creamier, it’s longer lasting, more comfortable and just feels more luxe. Yes, it’s more expensive, but you get more product and a higher quality product. I only own two of the shades so far, but I’ll be buying more, and replacing these when I’m done. This shade, Zip, lives in my bag now. It’s perfect to add a little bit of colour to my lips when I need something but doesn’t look like I’ve put effort in.


If you’ve been sold on the Generation G lipsticks and want to try them out, you can get 10% off your first order by using this link: I wasn’t asked to say that, I just really think you should try them if you’re tempted – I don’t think you’ll be sorry!

I’d love to know what you think, if you’ve used either the ColourPop or Generation G lipsticks (or both) and if you agree with my review or not!

June Favourites


June was a busy month! It was the month that this blog turned 7! Whoo. It was the month that the UK chose to exit the EU (I’m not commenting on this, it’s a massive can of worms). It was the month my friend Sarah got married and I got to be a bridesmaid (yay!) and it was the month that Pretty Little Liars made its season 7 return!

It was also the month where I fell in love with some new beauty products and continued to love some products I already had.

So let’s go for it!


I bought the Pixi Glow Tonic (£18) from Liberty about two months ago, and have been using it a few times a week (not every day) after I take off my makeup. At first I didn’t think it was making any difference to my skin, but after about a month I realised I haven’t needed to exfoliate my face at all since I started using it. I usually need to exfoliate once or twice a week but now – never! I have also found the redness in my face has reduced quite a bit, and when I don’t use it the redness is more prominent. It smells nice, doesn’t feel harsh on my skin and I’m always shocked at how much comes off on the cotton wool pad even when I think I’ve removed all my make-up. Gross! The Pixi Glow Tonic isn’t cheap at £18 but I think it’s worth it. I have also found my local M&S stocks this, so I don’t need to treck to London every time I want it. And Pixi have just launched ready-soaked pads in the US which are perfect for travel, so I’ll be picking those up from Sephora in Florida when I’m there in September, instead of packing this big bottle!


I’m still on my pina colada kick, so when I found out Body Shop had a range in that scent, I was all over it! This body sorbet is light, refreshing and not heavy on the skin. I layer it with the next product I’m going to talk about and smell amazing all day! I’m going to take this on holiday with me, because it also has soothing properties and no doubt I’ll burn in the sun. If I run out I’ll be hitting up a Body Shop in Florida for a new one!


Also launched at the same time as the Pinita Colada range, was this Polynesian Island Tiare body mist. This is light, and fresh and as I said layers perfectly with the body sorbet. Unfortunately it comes in a glass bottle so I won’t be travelling with this.


On a similar note, I picked up this nspa body scrub from Asda whilst on holiday in St Ives. I really felt like I needed a body scrub and this one was inexpensive and smelled lovely. It’s making my skin feel lovely!


As part of a recent E.L.F haul (I’ll be doing a first impressions soon!) I picked up this blusher in Tickled Pink. I thought it was a dupe for Nars Orgasm, but have since found out that’s the ELF Twinkled Pink – who named these so similarly?! But I’m still really loving this shade. It comes out as a really natural colour on my cheeks and it’s lovely to be able to layer this so I can get as pigmented a tone as I’d like. Plus I’m enjoying the mirror in the packaging.


And lastly, this bad boy – The Balm BalmShelter tinted moisturiser. I’ve had this for months, and I wear it every day, but it really came into its own for the recent wedding I was bridesmaid at. I intend to post a feature on the makeup I wore for the wedding, but need to rave about this now. When I get sunburn, due to my oily t-zone, I get burn on my forehead and my nose. And I mean Rudolph style burn on my nose. This tinted moisturiser not only controlled my t-zone, with only a light dusting of mineral veil powder when first applied, but since it has spf 18 it prevented any facial burn. My chest, shoulders and back burned, but my face stayed perfect ALL DAY. Seriously I am so impressed with this product. I love it!

June Faves

So that’s my June favourites! Let me know if you’d tried any of these and what you thought!


A Beauty Blog? Yup…..

My regular readers will have noticed that this is not a beauty blog. In fact I’m just not a beauty person. I have no skin regime, hate putting on makeup and wouldn’t know what to do with most of the stuff I see people blogging about. I’m a fan of the natural look (not the one created with slapping on tons of make-up, I mean the actual natural look). If I put on any kind of foundation I feel like I’m caked and my skin sweats because it’s trying to breathe. That being said, I do have some products that I just can’t do without and I thought I’d share them, because if I need them, you might too! So here goes!

beauty prods

Let’s start with the nail stuff, because this is the only area I really really take a lot of effort.

Nails Inc Glass Nail File: I got this file about 11 years ago and it was about £25. Yes that seems excessive for a nail file, but like I said I’ve had it 11 years ago and it’s still perfect. Sometimes called crystal nail files, glass files will not rip or tear your nails. They glide silently across your nail and create a lovely smooth edge to your nail. You just run it under cool water to clean it and it’s back to its original self. I even use this file when I’m wearing nail varnish if I need to reshape, and it never makes the polish crack or peel, so I’m still left with a flawless manicure. The only reason I’ll need to replace this is if I drop it and smash it. I have a friend who has a mini one in a little case she keeps in her handbag. I might need to investigate one of those…..

Nail Envy by OPI: Anyone who knows me or follows me on twitter will know how much I love this product and recommend it to anyone who has problem nails. It saved mine. I had soft, brittle, peeling nails that I couldn’t keep long because they broke all the time. The weakness of my nails would mean that my nails would bend and by bending would chip my nail varnish. My manicure wouldn’t last more than a day. I started using this a few years back. You start off with a week-long treatment, where you just put a layer on each day for 7 days, one on top of the other, and at the end of the week take it all off and just replace it with one layer. Some people say that they notice a difference straight away. I certainly felt that my nails were stronger. There are different types of Nail Envy for different nail problems and I’m sure there’s now a pink shade with treatment in it. I started with the weak nails version, but now I use the Original and Matte. I like the matte one because I don’t like the look of clear nail polish on bare nails – it looks greasy to me. They recommend the matte option for men but it does come out more pearlescent than matte. Nail Envy isn’t cheap but it lasts a while and it works. I use it instead of base coat so I get a treatment every time I paint my nails. You can paint it on top of your manicure if you need an extra treatment. But be warned, if you stop using it, your nails will go back to how they were! I’m converted. I love the stuff and can’t see myself ever wanting to stop using it.

Seche Vite: Working in retail, opening boxes, counting out money, ripping off plastic, my manicure never used to last more than a few days. Sometimes I would spend ages on some nail art only to have it wrecked within 20 mins of starting work. So I was after a top coat that would make it last. I’d heard about Seche Vite mainly from nail art fans, because they claimed it doesn’t drag the design when you’re sealing it. This was a big plus for me – spending ages on a design only to have it ruined by the top coat was a huge deal. I was sold. I bought mine from amazon marketplace, as it’s the cheapest I found. I’ve been so happy with it and have bought and re bought as I’ve worked my way through each bottle. It’s got a nice thick texture, and all you need to do is let a bead of polish form on the end of the brush before you paint and it’ll seal your colour with a nice even layer. It dries pretty quickly too. My only issue is that it does tend to shrink the colour at the ends of the nail so you can be left with a millimetre of bare nail at the tip. I’ve been trying different painting techniques to see if I can prevent this but not come up with anything. Sometimes I just file the ends the next day. Other people have said that after a while the texture of their polish changes and they get white bits but I always just turn the bottle upside down once I’ve capped it, and wait for two (sometimes three) air bubbles to rise to the top. Then I turn it right side up again. I think taking the air out of the polish makes a difference.

Frizz Ease Secret Agent: This stuff is my one must have hair product. I started using this because for some reason when I was about 16 I started to get really long flyaways along my parting and hairline. Hairdressers say it’s regrowth, but I always disagree. 15cm long regrowth? I don’t think so. Without this stuff I look like I have a mohawk growing along the centre of my head. My Mum had this product in the bathroom and so I started to use it, and it’s still my hair saviour. It’s the only think that works! When I get my hair done at the salon, I always take this with my in my bag and go to the bathroom afterwards to fix it.

Chapstick: I was always a Vaseline girl, but my Mum always swore by cherry Chapstick and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Turns out she was right!

Touche Eclat: I’ve been using Touche Eclat for about 13 years. It’s light, reflective, easy to use and covers my massive dark circles. It’s been perfect. But 13 years ago my skin was a lot different. And now I have fine lines around my eyes which this stuff settles into. Benefit have just launched something called FakeUp which claims to solve this problem. So I bought some. I’ll do a comparison review on the two once I’ve had a chance to play.

Rimmel Blusher: in Smoked Oyster. I’ve used this blusher since I was in my teens. I used it through the cream blusher phase, I used it through the bronzer phase. This is my colour. What can I say?

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter: by Lush. Feel what you like about Lush at the moment, I love this stuff. It’s a big pot of lemon scented butter. I use it on my cuticles (perfect for recovering my weather wrecked fingers) but I also use it on my heels, elbows, knees – anywhere dry and chapped. The pot is massive and it expires after about a year. I’ve never finished a pot. But it’s not really expensive and it works so I don’t really mind!

Light Blue by D&G: This is my perfume, my scent. Given to me by a friend for my birthday just after I met Gary (this very bottle actually!) it reminds me of that time every time I smell it. I wore it on my wedding day and save it only for special occasions because I don’t want to lose the memories associated with the scent. Which is why this bottle has lasted me 11 years!

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Blades: As someone who suffers with folliculitis, I have spent a lot of time working through different products to find the most comfortable way to deal with hair removal on my legs. These razor blade cartridges have shaving gel already on them and I have found them to be the best. They shave well but leave my legs moisturised and comfortable. Each blade will last a week. They’re not cheap but they work!

Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush: After using this toothbrush I can only compare using a manual toothbrush to brushing my teeth using a blunt stick. I couldn’t believe the difference this toothbrush made to my mouth! After using it for the first time my teeth felt SO clean and my mouth felt so fresh. I’ll never use a manual brush again – there doesn’t seem much point!

So those are my beauty staples! Let me know if you try any of these, because I’d love to know what you think!
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