Slow Sunday Book Club: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

I really enjoy reading, and I just don’t do it enough any more. So when I saw Allie at Rush and Teal introduce the Slow Sunday Book Club to her newsletter ‘Slow Sunday Club’, I figured what a great opportunity to start reading again.

I find the hardest part about reading, other than finding the time, is choosing a book. And when it’s chosen for you, you often find you’ll read something you wouldn’t otherwise select.

The idea behind this book club is to deliberately find a reason to put down your phone, switch off the tv and take some time doing something more relaxing and a little less taxing on your brain and your eyes. I’m all for it!

So the first book chosen was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. I’d not heard of it, but found it available cheaply on Amazon so I figured I’d go ahead and jump in.


As much as I’m not going to describe the plot of this book, I’m going to be discussing parts of the story and my thoughts on the writing throughout this post, so if you haven’t read this book and don’t want to be spoiled then I’d suggest clicking off here. I’ll see you in my next post.


Firstly, this is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It’s an easy read, despite my having to google the meaning of quite a few words used. Eleanor has quite the vocabulary.

Since I didn’t know anything at all about this book before I started reading, I actually found the reading process very similar to when I read Room. I went into that story blind too. I enjoyed the process of learning things about the character that they already know, but you don’t, as I read. I find that usually you discover new things in a story as the characters learn them themselves, but in this story it’s different; you discover little nuggets about Eleanor as she reveals them slowly to you, much in the way that she starts to remember things about her past during the second section of the book.

This is a very well-written, and delightfully funny book, despite it being truly heartbreaking in parts too. I found the story very relatable in parts (due to recognising the human condition, and not because I’ve been through any dramatic turmoil in my life), and also could see traits in Eleanor and the characters around her that I’ve seen in others during my life.


It took me a while to realise this was set in Scotland, and I suppose this was deliberate as the author fed you little bits of information along the way, and accents started appearing on the page.

This is a heavy-going book, and if you have any sensitivity to abuse or addiction you might want to steer clear. This is, however an amazing story of human kindness and how the mind can both harm and heal. There’s a few twists and turns along the way, and reading as an outsider to Eleanor’s story allows you to both analyse and sympathise with her plight.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. According to the notes at the end, the film rights have been bought by Reese Witherspoon and I’d be interested if a movie does come out of it. If it does, I hope they leave in the Scottish aspect. I have one question at the end of all of this though. One little loose end I need answering – do pubs in Scotland really serve Dr Pepper?

This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

February has hit with a smash and a bang. Just as we’re trying to get used to the New Year, to the new “President” (I kinda like writing it that way) and longing for the Spring, we’ve been greeted with February. The groundhog says it’s going to be a long winter, but I’m hoping he’s just rodent with a long shadow.

I seem to be on a never-ending spending spree, and every weekend congratulate myself for a whole week without buying something, only to remember something I just bought or to go out a treat myself. This needs to stop, but at the same time there’s always something I need or want.

This week ColourPop got me with a new range of lip products called ‘Blotted Lips’.


I knew I needed to get them, but with ColourPop being so hard to ship to the UK (not to mention expensive) and with the sting of customs charges, I didn’t think it would be on the cards. But then my American friend told me she was heading to visit family in a couple of weeks and would I like her to pick anything up for me. I knew this was meant to be so asked if I could ship something to her parent’s home. She said yes! So I filled my basket and got everything I’ve been lusting over for the past 6 months. This included a heap of lip products and one highlighter. I’m planning on doing a ColourPop video once it’s arrived. I’m so excited!

I’ve been really enjoying filming and uploading to YouTube and though I haven’t got many followers and there’s so much competition, I’m really enjoying the process and the comments I get from my viewers.

I babysat for my Niece this weekend, just past, and she gave me this picture she’d made for me:


Apparently the night before she’d been so excited that her YouTuber aunty was going to be in her house and babysitting for her. She’s told all her friends I’m a YouTuber – which is technically true – I YouTube, so I’m a YouTuber! I love that I’ve got a fan!

I’ve also started working on a new series of blog posts called ‘Why I….’, the first of which will publish in a few days. It’s all about why I have made certain life choices and the affect it’s had on me. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them, and I look forward to seeing any discussion they stir up.

Having recently completed binge-watching the second series of The Man in the High Castle (awesome!) we had a TV void to fill, so we’ve just started watching The OA on Netflix.


I’ve seen a few of Brit Marling’s films and though I find them self-indulgent, they’re incredibly interesting and unique, not to mention intelligent. We’re part way through and I’m hooked. I’m really interested in seeing how it ends – no spoilers please!

The week to come promises to be cold and icy, and all I long for is some sun, warmth and not to feel so pasty. I hope Spring comes soon, but until then I’ll just look at instagrams of tropical islands and pretend I’m there. Bring on Summer.

If you’d like to see my latest YouTube video, that went live this weekend, then go ahead below. It’s one for book worms – all about my favourite books!

ColourPop image copyright to ColourPop. OA image sourced via Google Images.

Listening, Learning and Looking Forward

This week has been tiring, but rewarding. When I’m busy I tend to go all in or nothing, and this week was an all in week. I have a problem pacing myself in all aspects, not just running…. I’m aware.

Anyway, last weekend I trained Saturday (weights and core), Sunday (my first 5k run in 6 months), Monday (Yoga) and then I was busy Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Thursday was more yoga and friday I sat on the sofa and dribbled…..

So it was busy but rewarding. I really enjoyed my Sunday treadmill run and even though my legs ached for the next few days, it was a familiar ache – like welcoming back an old friend! Today I was back at it with another weights session, but this time I was able to train with my friend Tash who wanted to try out a little more in the weight section. It’s really rewarding to start finding certain areas of my workout getting easier and also gain some of the fitness back that I’d lost over the last few months, whilst not training.

My yoga sessions were completed using the improved Nike Training Club app which I’m really liking this time around. When it first launched I looked at it, but ended up deleting it from my phone as it was taking up too much space. Since my phone upgrade I hadn’t remembered the app, but they’ve been pushing it fairly heavily on social media and I thought I’d give it another go. What I like about it is your workouts add to your existing Nike Fuel however you earn it. I’ve linked my Nike Running app to it, so I already have a fair bit of fuel.

The app can be used to strengthen, lean down, tone and what they call ‘focus’ which incorporates yoga. You choose the workouts you like to look of and download them for later use. What I like about these it you’re talked through the moves, with the option to watch a video on how to perform each section.

I might even try some of the cardio workouts in the spring when I can use the space in the back garden.

Other than knackering myself out, I’ve been getting rather excited about a couple of trips I’m going on this year. In 5 weeks I fly out to Las Vegas for a week. It’s been 8 years since I was last there and so much has been built since then. We’re trying to decide on a show to see, though I think Gary and I are most looking forward to eating and shopping! The other trip isn’t until September but I’m going on a holiday of firsts – my first hen party, my first all girl holiday and my first beach holiday – I’m off to Ibiza! I really can’t wait! I’m determined to have worked out enough to be happy to put on a bikini by then too!

This week I’ve also been doing a lot of online reading and a couple of articles caught my attention. I’ve mentioned periods in the past, and in the past felt I’ve had to apologise for it. Well it was a breath of fresh air to read what this journalist wrote. Have a look here if you’re so inclined. I also read this article about positive morning rituals. I was interested in how the author rejected most social media in the morning and replaced it with simple things to start his day on the best possible foot. Another interesting point was his choice to continue to include instagram as a positive stimulus in his morning, making the point that you just don’t see anything negative posted (as long as you haven’t chosen to follow spam or troll instagram users, but who would really want to do that?). And finally this article and accompanying video from a very intelligent and articulate victim of revenge porn. Technology and social media has changed the world and changed how people interact with each other. It’s a new kind of warfare and even though some of the blows people hit others with are horrific, it’s wonderful to see women this eloquent and head strong come out of it fighting.

How was your week?

December 7th


Today I’m going to share with you my favourite Christmas books. I like to read short books over the Christmas period. They’re all Children’s or Young Adult books actually, but that suits me fine.

A new one to this year is Another Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy and illustrated by Rob Ryan.

I was drawn to this book because I love Rob Ryan’s paper cutting work. I have his calendar this year and intend to get next year’s too. The words he puts in his work are sometimes a bit odd but often so moving and inspirational – I recommend you check his work out. Anyway, this book was described as an updated version on The Night Before Christmas. I saw it discounted on amazon so bought it for just a few pounds. It’s an adorable take on a familiar story written by the 2009 appointed Poet Laureate. If you get the chance to read it then do.

The next is The Smelly Sprout by Allan Plenderleith. I came across this book whilst browsing the book shop one day and read it as I stood there. It’s such a cute tale that I had to buy it. It comes off the shelf every year. I have a soft spot for sprouts.

The last is a book I mentioned in a previous post, that I read every year. It’s not a cute or an easy book to read. It’s a deep thinking, thought-provoking and sometimes very sad book. It evokes the feelings of Christmas and reminds you to count your blessings. It feels snowy and magical, yet deeply emotional all at once. Through a Glass Darkly by Jostein Gaarder isn’t a walk in the park but it’s not a difficult book to read. If you’re familiar with Gaarder’s other books (Sophie’s World, The Solitaire Mystery) you’ll know what I mean. If you can, pick it up. It’s a beautiful book that remains just as beautiful with every read.

So those are my Christmas book choices, but I’m willing to add to the collection. Do you have any books that you like to read every Christmas?

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Pretty Words all in a Row #3

I’ve said this in previous posts, but this year I’m really struggling to find the time for reading. This makes me sad because I love getting lost in a good book, but I’ve been fitting in running and now with the new job the last thing I want to do after spending all say staring at a screen is to pick up a book and do more reading. It’s a shame but I’m going to have to admit I’m not going to hit my Goodreads target.

That being said I’m not going to give up on reading and I’ll still be finishing books, but at my own pace rather than racing to a finish line. I will, however, still be updating you guys on the books I have completed! So here’s part three of books for this year.

In part two I wrote that I was reading a book called Our Holocaust, and that I thought it was a little hard going. Well it was, so I moved on and decided I needed something a little less serious:

  • Dark Places  by Gillian Flynn (who wrote Gone Girl) was a perfect easy read. She writes fairly intelligently but you don’t have to think too hard when you’re reading it. The story was interesting to follow. There was a nice twist near the end – but not as big as in Gone Girl. This was Gillian’s second novel.
  • The Death of Bees  by Lisa O’Donnell was one of GoodReads 2013 suggestions early in the year and I found it didn’t disappoint. Written from the perspectives of two young Scottish girls who had to contend with their freshly dead junky parents. Sounds weird and heavy going but was a very interesting read. It reminded me a bit of The Wasp Factory.
  • I heard about The Uninvited via a book blog I used to read and liked the premise. It turned a bit weird sci-fi throughout so I was a little disappointed but it passed the time sufficiently!
  • Running Like a Girl was a gift from Gary. Written by British journalist Alexandra Heminsley, she described her journey from new runner to marathon runner. It was a good read but the first half was more interesting to me since there was a lot of description on how she struggled at the start but then jumped quickly from training and learning to running marathons easy peasy. Still an entertaining read, which I would recommend to any woman starting out running.
  • Hunger is an Amazon Single (their equivalent of a ShortRead). Written by Susan Hill (who wrote Woman In Black and a few of the other books I’ve read over the last year and a half) I was very disappointed. It was so short it started to go somewhere and then was wrapped up as if she was told half way through that she had to stick to a word count.
  • Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn was her first novel (I obviously like to do things backwards!) and a really good read. I like her writing style and her books are always interesting to read. This one again had you guessing all the way through and ended up with an uncomfortable twist, similar to Gone Girl in it’s sinister roots. I really recommend this one, especially if you liked Gone Girl.
  • Apparently I didn’t learn from my last Susan Hill Single but I downloaded Crystal (for free I might add) and gave it a crack. Oh dear. It was worse than Hunger. I won’t make that mistake again. I think I’ll stick to her ghost stories……
So that’s where I am now. I have started and stopped a couple of books since then and I do have a few on the pile that I’m looking forward to starting. Yes, I’m 5 books behind on my challenge, but now I have admitted to myself I won’t achieve it I can relax and take my time reading the books I want to read, and even re-reading some. And as G Man said:
(Oops…. that photo may have given away my exciting news….. ah well ;D I’ll blog it in full when it’s final!)
More when I have it!

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Let’s Get This Out Of My System

Right, here it is: the big running post.

I’m aware that not all of you will be interested in running, and I’m really aware that I don’t want this to become a running blog. So I’m going to put it all down here, from start to present, and get it out of my system. Of course running is becoming a big thing for me so I will be mentioning it and writing about any events I might do, but I’m going to shake it all down here so what’s gone on so far is done and there’s a line under it!

My first experience with running was when I was a kid and Blue Peter were doing one of their Fun Run events – they were dotted around the country and there was a local one. So Mum told me I’d need to practice running before we signed up so that I knew I could do it. I was a fat little kid and half way down the road I wanted to collapse in a wheezing heap. I gave up.

Can you tell it was the 90’s?

Fast forward to the Olympics last year and G Man and I had tickets to the athletics. The whole thing was amazing. Watching people using their own body strength to achieve was amazing. Jess Ennis had seen the Olympics four years before and said to herself that when they next came around she would be competing for medals. And she did. What an inspiration! I came away feeling really motivated to do something, but I didn’t know what.


One of my best friends, Jen, is really into fitness and gym work. Having worked for a gym in the past she knows a lot about fitness and since leaving there she has continued to pound it out at the gym 5 times a week – even taking part in boot camps. I have flitted with the idea of various different things. I even bought the 30 Day Shred and haven’t ever opened the box. Every time I came to her with a different whim she could tell I didn’t really want to do it. Being the politest she could be she would usually listen to be blabber on about it and come up with different excuses as to why I couldn’t commit. At the end she’d say “Erin, it doesn’t sound like you want to do this”. And she was right. (That’s what great friends are for!)

Jen and Me – yeah a lot of our photos involved us pulled odd faces…. this was the best one!

Then G Man and I decided that as we were both off for the day we’d trek to London and watch some of the Marathon. It was days after the Boston Marathon so it was on everyone’s mind and we wanted to show support in our own way. Watching all those people who have trained hard and who were out there doing it was so inspiring. I caught the bug.

Now I can’t say the idea to run just jumped into my head. One of my friends on the net, Ari, took up running about a year ago and has been posting her progress online ever since. As a busy woman working, but still running, I found her inspirational too – and so motivating. She introduced me to a world of runners online – a massive running family all spurring each other on.

Next I had to get G Man on board. It wasn’t going to be a cheap hobby to start and we both needed to know that I was going to really go for it, and not leave my kit at the back of the cupboard along with my 30 Day Shred and my Teach Yourself Japanese kit. Having a two-week break and not much to do really made me want to run more. The weather was great and I kept posting online that “I just want to run”. I remember Ari telling me “run if you want to run”! But I only had Converse and nothing else, and seriously, have you ever tried running in Converse? It’s like wearing flippers…. But one day it struck me. Just because I could run didn’t mean I couldn’t walk. So I got up that second and walked down to the train station to meet Gary from work. That click in my head was all I needed to know I was serious and that weekend we went back to London to get my kit. (You can read all about that here if you wanna!)

And the rest is history – you can read my last few posts about my starting running and progressing, I won’t rehash it all here. But I’m still feeling motivated. I have a few people who I talk to online about it, and one of my friends, Tash, is running a 5k with me at the end of June. I’m training for that now, and today I ran my furthest distance of 2.73 km. I was so excited to tell Jen how I had started running and was going for it for real. I like the strong feeling I get from running and how I can push myself to do more considering I’m only on my 3rd week of running. And when I run I run towards a mirage of medals and shiny kit – yes it’s great that I’ll get healthy and maybe even a tan if the sun decides to show again, but I’m super excited about the medals – I’m not gonna lie! Stay tuned for a running kit blog where I’ll talk about what I use and how it suits me.

In other non running news, I’m loving my new Gillian Flynn book Dark Places and I’m already half way through! I found out yesterday I didn’t get the job I’d interviewed for but I seem to have made enough of an impression that they’ve put someone onto the case of finding me something perfect before my contract ends. I’m thankful for that and I trust that they feel they can find something better for me than the position I applied for – obviously it wasn’t right for me. I trust in fate that the right thing will happen. Until then I’ll just keep running!

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Struggling to Keep Up!

I’ve been struggling this year at keeping up with my reading challenge – or just reading in general. Things have either gotten in the way or I’m just not enjoying the books I’m reading.

Until two days ago I’d been struggling with a book about the Holocaust. It seems it was a little too heavy to dip in and out so I have decided to spend a little money on some books. I’ve been only reading books I can get on 99p Kindle deals or for less than £2.00, but I realised I’m buying books that don’t really interest or grip me.

Today I had a book delivery (I love Amazon Prime!) of two books I’ve had on my wish list since before they were published in the UK. One is The Death of Bees and the other is The Uninvited. I also downloaded Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, onto my Kindle. She wrote Gone Girl which I read earlier this year, and I figured that if I read something where I’m already familiar with the writer, it might help me to get into the book more easily. It seems to be working and in my first sitting I read 7% of the book. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into something good again!

This week I have two days off in a row (today and tomorrow) and I have decided I need to set aside some time specifically for reading  – and try not to fall asleep instead!

If anyone has any good recommendations for books I should try out next, please do! I’d love to hear what’s out and about 🙂
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Pretty Words all in a Row #2

It’s been a while since I updated you on my reading so here’s part 2 of my reading challenge of 40 books in 2013. If you missed part one it’s here!

Finding the time to read, of late, has been tricky. I would usually read a lot on my lunch break but there always seems to be a distraction so it’s been a slog, I can tell you. But now I’m back on track and have read 7 books since the first update!

Fin Family Moomintroll and The Exploits of MoominPappa are the next books in the Moomin series of novels. Interesting but sometimes a little sickly sweet I decided to take a break from the Moomin books after these two, and return to them in places over the year.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I had seen this recommended to me a few times on amazon, and a fair few of my Goodreads friends had read it so I was interested to read it. I didn’t realise this book was about cancer when I bought it and I found it hard going to start with because cancer is effecting my family directly at the moment. That being said the characters were written well enough to allow me to feel their plight without it speaking directly to me. I’m familiar with John Green’s writing style having read Paper Towns last year, and so I was used to his colloquial youthful style of writing, but this might grate on others, as it sometimes did with me. I’m pleased I read it and I found it very enjoyable, though I wasn’t moved in the way others were. I would recommend reading it.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel. My regular readers will have seen me mention this book throughout some of my posts and will know I struggled hard through the first quarter of the book. But having been spurred along by both my Mum and some of you guys I persevered. And by golly am I glad I did. I’m still thinking about this book AND I’ve seen the movie twice (2D and 3D – very worth seeing if you liked the book) The imagery created by the author is intense and wonderful. It’s written well and despite my struggle at the start I would read it again. Bought for 20p on my Kindle – the best 20p I’ve spent this year.

Tom’s Midnight Garden was suggested to me by a girl at work. It’s a short book and it popped up on my Kindle lending library so I thought I’d give it a go. I was in the mood for something quick and non taxing to help bump up my book numbers, because I was lagging. I skim read most of it, but still found it entertaining and the end was very interesting.

I started Moominsummer Madness directly after the last Moomin book I completed but needed to change-up my reading genre or my mind would turn to mush. So I revisited this book after Midnight Garden and completed it next. Entertaining but again more like bubblegum for the mind.

The Woodcutter by Kate Danley was on a 99p deal in the Kindle store and seemed to get good ratings so I bought it. I enjoy fairytale based stories and this one was original despite being based around very familiar stories. It was a fairly quick read but had a lot of twists and turns. I think it’s aimed at young adults but wasn’t too bad for me either!

I’m currently reading Our Holocaust by Amir Gutfreund which is beautifully written and even though I’m only 4% in I can tell it could be pretty hard going. But it’s going to get my brain working and that’s rarely a bad thing.

So I’ve completed 13 of my 40 books for the year and I’m on track. Have you read anything you want to shout about? I’d love to hear your suggestions and your thoughts on any of the books I’ve read so far!

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Something For The “Weekend”

I had two days off work together this week. For those who are Monday-Friday kinda peeps it’ll be nothing unusual, but when you work in retail a weekend isn’t a weekend. You rarely get that Friday feeling, and two days off together are part of a holiday schedule, not a regular working week.

So I decided to spend it well and other than chores and housework I decided to be really really lazy. In fact between Tuesday and Wednesday I watched 7 movies as well as doing the other stuff I needed to do.

Gary and I have been re watching movies we particularly love, of late. We have recently seen Lost in Translation and Empire Records and it’s really gotten us back in the movie watching swing of things.

On Tuesday afternoon Gary and I went to Yoo Hing, a Japanese/Chinese supermarket. I bough mochi which I had been wanting to try for a while. I’ve tried the green tea flavour I bought, so far. Oddly they tasted like dates. I don’t know how to explain it! I still have sesame flavour to try. I also got some Lipton ice tea powder which will come in super handy in the summer. I got a jelly drink and a pearl milk tea can which I can’t wait to try. That evening we managed to watch 3 movies. We saw Scream 4, Almost Famous (one of my favourite movies of all time!) and a new one to us called Lovely Molly. Lovely Molly was made by one of the people who made The Blair Witch Project and runs in a similar vein. It’s messed up and has hand held camera and naughtiness and drug taking and evil stuff – but it was rather good!

So on Wednesday, after having seen Scream 4 the previous day, I watched Scream 2 and 3. Then I watched The Devil’s Advocate which came out in 2007 and has Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino in it. I don’t usually like Keanu Reeves’ acting but he wasn’t bad in this. Charlize Theron was epic as ever and Al Pacino is Al Pacino. Such a great actor – such a frightening actor when he needs to be. If you’re happy with messed up movies then I’d recommend watching it. Lastly I watched The Texas Killing Fields. I had no idea what it was about but thought I’d give it a go. A very gritty movie based on true events.

I also started reading my next book this week. I downloaded The Life of Pi for 20p onto my Kindle last week and so have started reading that. I’m about 60 pages in and I’m not gripped yet. I’m going to persevere though! All I know about the story is what I have seen from the clips of the movie on The Oscars. So I’m awaiting a tiger, a boat and some sea. So far I’ve encountered a tiger. Let’s see! (Ooh that rhymed!)

So, I think that was a “weekend” well spent! I have a tough week ahead of me now and then I have a week off with G Man. A fitting reward I think 🙂

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This Week & Thoughts

Since I last posted, not a huge amount has ‘gone down’ (see how ‘with it’ I am).

  • I went out to dinner with two of my best girls and had a wonderful time. Laughing hysterically and always having about 3 conversations at a time. We apparently enjoy tangents.
  • I met another friend for lunch on Saturday which made for a very enjoyably 1 hour lunch break. Every little helps on a Saturday in retail!
  • I wrote a tweet about Justin Bieber which got over 40 retweets from little teeny boppers – I found that hilarious.
  • I started reading “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green, which I’m really enjoying. As much as I’ve been enjoying reading the Moomin books, I was starting to feel my brain going to mush so it’s nice to read something a little more adult.
  • This week Jenny Lawson released the paperback version of her amazing book “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” – despite the fact that I already have the book in paperback.
    see, it's a paperback!
    see, it’s a paperback!

    Apparently my copy is a lie and this new edition is its paperback release. Colour me confused. Anyway, I really want this new edition because it has an additional chapter in it – but only in the US version. Annoyed much?! (p.s. Jenny I love you!) Anyway…..

  • I have rediscovered Damn You Autocorrect and it’s iPhone app, and spent many hours wetting myself laughing over it. So what if some of them are faked? They’re still damn funny!
  • So many of my friends are getting married or planning their weddings, and I’ve been getting so excited over it all. One of my best friends has asked me to go dress shopping with her next month and I CANNOT wait. G Man and I have also been invited to a wedding reception in June – I need to find an outfit!! I love weddings!
  • I’ve been enjoying saying ‘Yes’ rather than freaking out and saying ‘No’, of late. It’s been refreshing to say yes and mean yes.

And here are a bunch of thoughts that have come to me over the last week:

  • Why is there a fashion for girls to wear foundation coloured lipstick? It looks like no one explained what a foundation stick was and they accidentally put it on their lips. It makes them look ill.
  • Leggings as trousers – this one could run on and on.
  • So many young people I know have ‘health’ problems which they use as excuses not to do stuff. They act like old men and women and when they get to adulthood they’re going to regret not making the most of the freedom they had before responsiblity.
  • Too many young people wishing their lives away waiting for a day in the future when they could be making every day amazing and every day count. (Do I sound old and bitter yet?)
  • One of my tweets from last week: “My mantra used to be feel the fear and do it anyway. Since doing that, I feel the fear a lot less. I don’t miss it! #progress
  • What’s with this trend of not using ANY capital letters in blog posts? No where. None. Nada. These are educated, well spoken ladies, who should know better.

So that was my week! I’m off to finish reading my book now……

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