This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

This past couple of weeks has been filled with glorious sunshine and warm weather (for the most part!) It meant I’ve been able to get stuff done and generally feel more productive just because they weather has put me in such a good mood!

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a couple of friends, one of which I hadn’t seen in a LONG time and we sat in the pub garden and enjoyed the sunshine on what was, at that point, one of the hottest days of the year. The sun shone, the cider flowed and the bunting flapped in the breeze. It was bliss.


Last weekend was Glastonbury festival, and I watch it every year. It holds a special place in my heart, being the place I met my husband and every year I watch and wish I was there. This year was no exception, and I really enjoyed what I saw on the TV, my highlights being Radiohead, Chic and The Foo Fighters – all of whom I’ve seen live before and all of whom never fail to impress.

In true honour of Glastonbury and Somerset, I had to have a few ciders during my watching time, and I picked this little beauty up from the supermarket just to try it.



In true Role Models style, I like the idea of Jack Daniels more than I actually like the taste of it, so I was intrigued by the idea of Whiskey Cider. I have to say, I was very impressed. The whiskey takes the acidic edge of the cider, and the cider takes the burning from the whiskey away so they compliment each other beautifully. I need to pick up some more!

Last week wasn’t so warm, and we had some rain too, but it was a nice break in the humidity and a chance for me to get some decent sleep – which I didn’t really achieve, for one reason or another.

We were gifted some beautiful flowers are work, which helped to brighten the office even when it looked grey outside.


Thankfully, this weekend the weather has picked up a little more, which was fortuitous because I had plans in London which wouldn’t have been all that great had it been rainy and grey. I’ll share more about what I was up to in a later post, but I will say (and I’ve said it many times before) that there’s nothing like London in the Summer sunshine. If you haven’t visited in the summer before, you really must add it to your travel bucket list.


We spent the majority of our day by the Southbank, however we ventured off to Covent Garden and Soho, and had a lovely vegan lunch in Veggie Pret (the vegan brownies are the things dreams are made of!) followed by a stroll through China Town before we headed home.

I keep alluding to things on my twitter account, that I don’t want to jinx by telling everyone (fyi. not pregnant) and I’m hoping to be able to share things with you soon. I’ve put a lot of things on hold for the time being, but soon I’ll be back to my blogging/vlogging social media self (I hope!).

In the mean time, I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous weather! Stay tuned for my upcoming post, on my trip to London. It’s a quacker! *wink wink*

Best. Party. Ever.

On Saturday night Gary, his sister and brother Nicky and Paul, and I headed off to London for what claimed to be the best party ever. Happening at the Southbank’s annual Wonderground Festival, Hot Dub Time Machine was making its second stint of shows and we’d bought tickets.

It’s hard to describe what Hot Dub Time Machine is, so here’s a video:

So you see how it looks AMAZING! We were super excited. It having been so hot we were wearing as little clothing as decently possible and ready for an excellent night. On entering the ‘tent’ Nicky made a bee-line for the front and side seeing that there was an empty table with our name on it. We claimed this booth for the whole night and were able to dance in front of and on the steps next to this table whilst keeping a good stock of cups filled with water.

It got hot very quickly and within half an hour we were all dripping, but we didn’t stop dancing. The music and atmosphere were excellent. The DJ was involved and energetic. We dance for 3.5 hours non stop (well I stopped for one song, but I still refuse to sing or dance to Oasis!) He played I Wanna Dance with Somebody (my all time favourite song) and even managed to get Let It Go from Frozen in there. I wasn’t disappointed.

99 Red Balloons


There were balloons, confetti canons, strobe lights, glow sticks (given to us by the DJ), an MJ impersonator and the whole thing ended with a rousing chorus of Hey Jude, at which point DJ Tim Loud went right into the crowd and let off more confetti whilst singing along with the crowd.

It was an amazing night. I can honestly say I have never sweated as much as I did that night – not even in any races I’ve run. I can’t wait for him to come back so that I can experience it again. It was definitely the Best. Party. Ever.

Sweaty messes!

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Oh It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary

I’m on holiday this week and have really packed it in over the last few days – and it’s only Tuesday! Let’s start with Friday, which was Valentine’s Day.

I was surprised at work with a rose and card on my desk from my secret best-friend admirer. It was beautiful! We also went out for lunch to Chiquitos with the team. It was lovely and relaxing and the food was yummy! My gym session that evening was weight training and I continued working on my quad strength with single leg presses. I really think it’s helping prevent my knee pain.

val daySaturday was long run day, which didn’t really go to plan (see my last blog post!) followed by normal chores. That evening I headed to Jen’s for Steak Night. Basically an evening where we eat steak 😀 It was super yummy, but feeling a little crummy I left early-ish and crawled into my bed.

Sunday we had a spot of shopping to do and then we headed to London where we had an afternoon and evening of fun stuff planned. I’m on the search for a decent pair of jogging bottoms that aren’t jack-ups but at the same time aren’t so long I trip (like Jack Wills). I feel like all jogging bottoms are made for midgets or people who are happy with saggy crotches and showing their bum cracks when they sit at the lat pull down. I’m not one of these people. My search so far has been unsuccessful. Anyone have any suggestions?

For dinner we visited a place recommended to us by a friend called Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton. An American BBQ restaurant with an amazing looking menu, I was excited to try some new things. I had a watermelon martini to drink and their Blue Plate for dinner. This was three pieces of chicken, mashed potato and gravy with collard greens. This was the first time I had tried collard greens and they were amazing, but a tad too spicy for me. Gary happily finished them off while I ate the rest of his amazing coleslaw! For pudding I had key lime pie which was very filling but amazing – and not green (the sign of a proper key lime pie, I hear!).


The meal was precursor to the main event. The BFI Southbank are currently holding an Al Pacino season so we bought tickets to see Dog Day Afternoon. It’s an amazing movie and if you haven’t seen it I urge you to. We really enjoyed the movie and it was great to watch it in that environment and as it was projected from one of the original reels it had all those lovely splodges and audio crackles any film fan loves. We’re going back again at the start of March to watch Scent of a Woman.

Having got back at gone midnight we were both rather tired on Monday morning. I decided that I needed to try to get a run in so woke up and dragged myself out of bed and into my running gear. They say the hardest thing about running is taking the step out of the door, but I think it’s getting out of your lovely warm bed! I managed a 3.65 mile run around my neighbourhood before I knew I had to stop or else be late for my lunch date. I really think the interval training I’ve been doing on the treadmill lately has helped because I ran my fastest 5k and knocked a whole minute off my average pace during the run. Overall I came out at with an average pace of 10:04 mm which was great considering I have a dirty great hill to run up on each lap around.


I managed to get all my chores done just in time for my Sister in Law and her kids to arrive and pick me up for lunch. Us girls went for lunch at Giraffe and had a lovely time chatting, though I was feeling rather tired from my run. Once home I was shattered and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening almost comatose on the sofa!

Despite eating out so much the last few days I’m trying to compensate by eating healthily the rest of the time. I decided for one of my lunches to mash up an avocado and mix it with some seasoning and lemon juice then spread it into some brown toast. It was so yummy, I’ll definitely be doing that again!


I also decided to give another pinterest recipe a try and was really impressed. The recipe was for Better Than Takeaway Chicken Fried Rice and it really was. So easy and quick and tasted amazing. I’m trying to find ways to add egg into our diet, since Gary doesn’t like it and egg white makes me sick, but they’re so good for you. As the egg is scrambled into the rice it’s small enough for you not to really notice it’s there. We both loved it and I can see this being a regular post-gym meal.


So that brings us to today and another fun packed day, but I’ll write about that next time. Luckily the rest of my week is just organised pottering around my house, since I haven’t been able to do that since we moved in – I’m really rather looking forward to it!

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