December 16th


One of my favourite things about Christmas is most definitely watching movies. I have a strict list of movies that I have to watch this time of year, and I’m very particular about which ones can be watched at which points in the lead up to Christmas. Now that it’s just over a week until Christmas, it’s perfectly acceptable to watch them, and so, perfectly acceptable to write about them! So here goes:

Serendipity is vaguely about Christmas and so acceptable to watch in the lead up to the main week. As is When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail – but then I’m happy to watch these all year round 🙂

The Holiday is one of my favourite Christmas films of recent years. Gary likes to watch this as close to Christmas as possible, so I can see this being one of our Christmas Eve movies this year. I love the mix of US and UK in it, and how it makes it seem like everyone in England lives in little detached cottages…… of course we do! But it’s funny and sad and adorable and the kids in it are amazing actresses. Definitely one to watch if you haven’t already.

I saw Love, Actually for the first time last year and it’s made it onto my Christmas movie list this year. I don’t normally like British movies but am a fan of Richard Curtis’ films and had never seen this thinking it seemed too mushy. Well it is in parts but it’s done very well and the actors are great – I’m partial to a Hugh Grant film too. I was pleasantly surprised by this, and so I’ll have to try to find the time to watch it this year – it’s like 2.5hrs long……

Home Alone and Home Alone 2 HAVE to be on the list. The score alone is a Christmas staple in our home (John Williams), but the movies are amazing and always have you glued to the screen no matter how many years you’ve watched them.

The Muppet Christmas Carol used to be my ultimate Christmas Eve movie, but has been replaced (by a movie I’ll tell you about in a minute) but it’s still a huge favourite of mine. I know most of the dialogue and the lyrics to all the songs. Recent versions of this film omit the soppy and badly sung song in the middle from Scrooge’s Mrs. I know some people miss it (or didn’t even know it existed!), but I’m glad a decision was made to scrap it. It won’t be long before I’m putting this movie on for its annual spin.

Bernard and the Genie is another Richard Curtis film, and one that no one has usually ever heard of, but it’s a huge favourite of mine. At about 70 mins long, it’s kind of a tv movie, but not to me and my family. It’s completely of its time, set in the 90’s with a lot of 90’s celeb cameos, but if you can get hold of a copy please please watch it. Alan Cumming and Lenny Henry and Rowan Atkinson are fabulous in it.

Of course there are some movies I don’t mind watching that I haven’t mentioned yet: Scrooged, I saw Elf for the first time this year which wasn’t bad, It’s A Wonderful Life, but none compare to those listed abover. Now for my ultimate Christmas movie. The movie I HAVE to watch on Christmas Eve and only on Christmas Eve. On the big screen with all the room lights off and the Christmas lights on…..

The Polar Express *is* Christmas. The music (Alan Silvestri), the story, the visuals. I would love to have seen it in 3D at some point. It’s a cosy, feel good movie with everything you’d want to get you in the mood for Santa visiting. I just LOVE it.

So those are my favourite Christmas movies, what are yours? Do you have any really hardly known favourites?

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