This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

This week I have been mostly hiding from the cold! It’s been in minus degrees quite a lot this week. I’ve had to scrape ice off the car more times than I’d care to think about, and my black car starts to look white before I’ve even finished work.

I spent the week catching up on TV in the evenings, I got rid of my mousey blonde roots and added highlights. I had a lovely pamper session on Friday evening (this was after my dinner of a Big Mac meal and 6 nuggets on the side…. Yum!)

I decided that I wanted to try my hand at general day vlogging this weekend, so that’s what I did on Saturday. We had some errands to run and then headed off to the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre to see Gaslight. Originally a play, I have see both iterations of the story in film but really wanted to see what the play was like.



I really enjoyed it, and Gary (who didn’t know anything about the story at all) was really impressed with it too. We were both enthralled until the end.

If you saw my last post, you’ll know I recently picked up some new beauty bits, and this week I’ve been trying out my Renaissance Palette. I’ve really enjoyed how versatile it is, all the colours blend so nicely together and last a really long time on the lids. I can see me using it a lot this year!

Now we’re a few weeks into January, I have to say I’m kind of missing taking a photo each day to upload to Instagram. If you aren’t aware, last year I completed a 365 project where I took a photo a day for the entire year. I’ve completed this project 3 times now, and I think last year’s was the easiest. It made a huge difference that I was uploading to Instagram instead of Flickr, and what with having the camera on my phone instead of an actual camera, it was so much easier to upload and edit the photos in super quick time. But now I don’t have to take a picture every day, and as I say – I’m missing it! Maybe I need a new photo project. Does anyone know of any good ones?

On Saturday I also filmed my Q&A video, which has now gone live on my YouTube channel. I really enjoyed filming this one, so I might do it again at some point, depending on how well it’s received. Have a look if you fancy it!

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child


A few weeks ago Gary and I were lucky enough to go and see the Harry Potter play, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

We had bought our tickets a whole year before when they were first released and had been avoiding hearing anything about it ever since.

For those who don’t know, this play is set 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts and is shown in two plays. We managed to get tickets to the Sunday matinée and also evening performance so we could see parts one and two on the same day.

They’re actually very good about encouraging people not to go about blabbing the secrets of the show (she blogs…) and when you leave the theatre after the first part, they hand out badges stating #keepthesecrets (free merchandise, whoop!)

I’d never been to a play set in two parts before, and it was really nice going in for the second part, sitting in the same seats and being able to get straight back into the story.

So what did I think? The show was absolutely awesome. Within minutes I found myself agog with wonder. I knew there’d be talk of magic but didn’t expect to witness real magic. I kid you not, this is an impressive show.

And something I’d forgotten prior to seeing the play was that Imogen Heap scored the plays. As a huge fan of her work I found hearing her music, which is obviously hers, wonderfully comforting surrounding a world of narrative I was so familiar with.

The casting was spot on, and especially Anthony Boyle playing Scorpius Malfoy who was, for me, the star of the show.

I hadn’t bought my copy of the book before I went to see this, but picked it up the next day. I was so glad I knew nothing of the plays before I saw them, because now when I read the book I can see the staging in my mind’s eye.

If you can manage to get hold of tickets to see these plays, and you’re a Harry Potter fan, do it. Seriously. You won’t regret it.

Pop! Six! Squish! Uh-uh! Cicero! Lipschitz

I’d never been a huge fan of going to the theatre. As a kid, seeing actors acting all acty made me uncomfortable. I saw a couple of things (Grease and Fame) but they never appealed to me.

The only show I saw that I loved was Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. I saw it twice, once with Jason Donovan and once with Philip Schofield. I loved it so much I knew all the words to all the songs. I also somehow knew all the songs to Cats but I’ve never seen it!

Later on I saw Moulin Rouge which just blew me away but didn’t really count as a musical really. But on our honeymoon, whilst in San Francisco G Man and I went to see Jersey Boys. As a massive Frankie Valli fan it was a show he had wanted to see for ages but I didn’t really know anything about it. I thought it was amazing and we’ve since seen it three more times (in London)

Before Michael Jackson died we went and saw Thriller Live! in London which was totally awful. It’s selling out now that MJ is dead. Such a shame. We saw Avenue Q too but again it wasn’t very funny and was trying too hard to be edgy when I just wasn’t.

So since then I appear to have gotten a little musical theatre bug. I think when Glee featured a song from Wicked it just got me really wanting to see more. I have been wanting to see it for a while and haven’t been yet, but it’s coming to the Milton Keynes theatre next year so I’m hoping to see it there. I also want to see Woman in Black (yes I’m aware this isn’t a musical!)

Last week I watched the film version of Chicago for the first time. I knew some of the songs already but hadn’t a clue of the story. Let me tell you, I enjoyed it so much I’m watching it again, just a week later. As someone who hasn’t seen it at the theatre I can’t speak to how close they got it, but you can tell they have adapted so it can seem as stagey as possible. So I’m adding Chicago to my list of must see theatre experiences. Who’d have thunk it?

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