This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

This past couple of weeks has been filled with glorious sunshine and warm weather (for the most part!) It meant I’ve been able to get stuff done and generally feel more productive just because they weather has put me in such a good mood!

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a couple of friends, one of which I hadn’t seen in a LONG time and we sat in the pub garden and enjoyed the sunshine on what was, at that point, one of the hottest days of the year. The sun shone, the cider flowed and the bunting flapped in the breeze. It was bliss.


Last weekend was Glastonbury festival, and I watch it every year. It holds a special place in my heart, being the place I met my husband and every year I watch and wish I was there. This year was no exception, and I really enjoyed what I saw on the TV, my highlights being Radiohead, Chic and The Foo Fighters – all of whom I’ve seen live before and all of whom never fail to impress.

In true honour of Glastonbury and Somerset, I had to have a few ciders during my watching time, and I picked this little beauty up from the supermarket just to try it.



In true Role Models style, I like the idea of Jack Daniels more than I actually like the taste of it, so I was intrigued by the idea of Whiskey Cider. I have to say, I was very impressed. The whiskey takes the acidic edge of the cider, and the cider takes the burning from the whiskey away so they compliment each other beautifully. I need to pick up some more!

Last week wasn’t so warm, and we had some rain too, but it was a nice break in the humidity and a chance for me to get some decent sleep – which I didn’t really achieve, for one reason or another.

We were gifted some beautiful flowers are work, which helped to brighten the office even when it looked grey outside.


Thankfully, this weekend the weather has picked up a little more, which was fortuitous because I had plans in London which wouldn’t have been all that great had it been rainy and grey. I’ll share more about what I was up to in a later post, but I will say (and I’ve said it many times before) that there’s nothing like London in the Summer sunshine. If you haven’t visited in the summer before, you really must add it to your travel bucket list.


We spent the majority of our day by the Southbank, however we ventured off to Covent Garden and Soho, and had a lovely vegan lunch in Veggie Pret (the vegan brownies are the things dreams are made of!) followed by a stroll through China Town before we headed home.

I keep alluding to things on my twitter account, that I don’t want to jinx by telling everyone (fyi. not pregnant) and I’m hoping to be able to share things with you soon. I’ve put a lot of things on hold for the time being, but soon I’ll be back to my blogging/vlogging social media self (I hope!).

In the mean time, I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous weather! Stay tuned for my upcoming post, on my trip to London. It’s a quacker! *wink wink*

This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

I am writing this in the midst of storm Doris…. she’s a windy one….

These past weeks have been both busy and uneventful! I got ‘The Cold’ so spent a good 5 days flat on my back (that’s what she said) trying to stop snot coming out of my nose. I’m feeling almost all the way better now, which is awesome.

The time I spent resting meant I wasn’t able to film or post as much as I had wanted, but I did manage to watch the whole of season 2 of How to Get Away With Murder. Now I just have to wait for Netflix to hurry up and get the third season up.

Last week I posted a really nerve-wracking blog post on the subject of mental health. It had some opinions in there that I’d not really heard anyone else speak out about, and I don’t tend to blog about my mental health a whole lot, so I was worried what people might think. But the response has been 100% supportive and many people agreed with me, so that was awesome.

I also posted the first part of my make-up tour video on my YouTube channel, and I’ve had so many comments, views and new subscribers! When I say ‘so many’ I mean more than 2 or 3 which is my standard – I’m so grateful for all of the interactions I receive, and this time around it’s been lovely to see so many new faces!

I also finally found the majority of my costume for the Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge event we’re attending towards the end of the March. It’s handy that there’s a bit of a corset trend happening at the moment, because there was quite a bit to choose from. I don’t want to go full corset because that’s really not my style, but thankfully my character isn’t that kind of girl, so I’m pretty pleased with what I managed to pick up!

I ended my working week on Wednesday last week, and had two days off as I’m using up my holiday allowance at work. I’m saw some friends, and visited London, so expect some more videos soon! It’d been so long since I just had a solo mooch around the city!

Anyhow, if you want to watch my latest video, you can find it below – it’s a long one so grab a cuppa!


This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

February has hit with a smash and a bang. Just as we’re trying to get used to the New Year, to the new “President” (I kinda like writing it that way) and longing for the Spring, we’ve been greeted with February. The groundhog says it’s going to be a long winter, but I’m hoping he’s just rodent with a long shadow.

I seem to be on a never-ending spending spree, and every weekend congratulate myself for a whole week without buying something, only to remember something I just bought or to go out a treat myself. This needs to stop, but at the same time there’s always something I need or want.

This week ColourPop got me with a new range of lip products called ‘Blotted Lips’.


I knew I needed to get them, but with ColourPop being so hard to ship to the UK (not to mention expensive) and with the sting of customs charges, I didn’t think it would be on the cards. But then my American friend told me she was heading to visit family in a couple of weeks and would I like her to pick anything up for me. I knew this was meant to be so asked if I could ship something to her parent’s home. She said yes! So I filled my basket and got everything I’ve been lusting over for the past 6 months. This included a heap of lip products and one highlighter. I’m planning on doing a ColourPop video once it’s arrived. I’m so excited!

I’ve been really enjoying filming and uploading to YouTube and though I haven’t got many followers and there’s so much competition, I’m really enjoying the process and the comments I get from my viewers.

I babysat for my Niece this weekend, just past, and she gave me this picture she’d made for me:


Apparently the night before she’d been so excited that her YouTuber aunty was going to be in her house and babysitting for her. She’s told all her friends I’m a YouTuber – which is technically true – I YouTube, so I’m a YouTuber! I love that I’ve got a fan!

I’ve also started working on a new series of blog posts called ‘Why I….’, the first of which will publish in a few days. It’s all about why I have made certain life choices and the affect it’s had on me. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them, and I look forward to seeing any discussion they stir up.

Having recently completed binge-watching the second series of The Man in the High Castle (awesome!) we had a TV void to fill, so we’ve just started watching The OA on Netflix.


I’ve seen a few of Brit Marling’s films and though I find them self-indulgent, they’re incredibly interesting and unique, not to mention intelligent. We’re part way through and I’m hooked. I’m really interested in seeing how it ends – no spoilers please!

The week to come promises to be cold and icy, and all I long for is some sun, warmth and not to feel so pasty. I hope Spring comes soon, but until then I’ll just look at instagrams of tropical islands and pretend I’m there. Bring on Summer.

If you’d like to see my latest YouTube video, that went live this weekend, then go ahead below. It’s one for book worms – all about my favourite books!

ColourPop image copyright to ColourPop. OA image sourced via Google Images.

This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

Here we are almost at the end of February. Where is the time going?

My last few beauty posts have been very well received and I wanted to say hello to all my new followers! It’s lovely to have you here and I can’t wait to speak with you via your comments. Welcome 🙂 Feel free to follow me over on twitter too, if you feel like it! I’m @groggits

The last few weeks have flown by in a whirl of work and play. Last weekend Gary and I took the opportunity to visit a local pub, The Swan at Salford and have a lovely date-night. So we popped on some nice clothes, I brushed my hair, and we headed out. Both of our meals were delicious and I had a yummy cocktail which tasted like there was no alcohol in it (the most dangerous kind…!)

Gary and I took receipt of a new TV we’ve been saving for for a while now – its 50” 4K and 3D. I’d been given a copy of Frozen for my birthday a few years ago, which happened to have the 3D version on it so we were able to really put the TV to the test, and the picture is amazing! We’ve since bought a few 3D blu rays to watch and I must say, Tangled in 3D got me a bit emotional at the end with the lanterns. We’re planning on watching Life of Pi on it soon. So excited! Oh and I can watch YouTube on it too, which is amazing – this might be old hat to some of you, but I’m loving watching my subscribed channels on there! The remote control even has a Netflix button….. woah!

The weather has been swinging between icy hell in the mornings and spring like sunsets in the evenings. I’m getting tired of having to layer up and I’m craving being able to wear some of my prettier clothes with a light jacket. Everyone dresses cuter in milder weather and I think this is the first year I’ve really missed the Summer throughout the whole of Autumn and Winter.

We received a wedding invitation for Gary’s cousin’s wedding in July. It looks like it might be a festival in the woods type theme so I’m thinking along the lines of Midsummer Night’s Dream for my outfit. I adore weddings and really can’t wait!

I spent a little while in Boots this weekend, just mooching and seeing what’s new, and picked up some amazing new things to try.


I got this little lot for a little over £30 – I can’t wait to try it all out, especially the Collection #concealandlightlikeapro Palette (£5.99!)  Anyone else find it weird calling it Collection and not Collection 2000 or is it just me? I’m also loving that Benefit are doing these £5 minis because it means I can try a few bits out without committing to the size or cost of a full sized product. They have an offer on at the moment for 4 minis for £15 and there’s quite a few lines in the deal. Go have a look! I’m all about hiding my dark circles and fine lines at the moment, so most of the stuff I picked up was the try in that area. Keep an eye out later in March to find out what I thought of these!

And as we’re nearing the end of the month, stay tuned for my February Favourites blog, due to hit your blog reader next week. See you then!

This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

The first week in January is complete and rather successful it has been! We’ve started this year with a bang, and already have masses planned. But sticking to this week….

  • Eating – The christmas period has really taken its toll on me and having lost a lot of weight just before Christmas I have, unfortunately put it all back on over the festive period. So, as unoriginal as it sounds, we’re trying to get back into the swing of healthy eating, and though I didn’t fall completely off the wagon in December I did get into the nasty habit of grazing. It’s made all the more hard with the amount of left over nibbles we have in the house. This weekend I will be throwing out a lot of it and giving some away, just so that the temptation isn’t there any more.


I’ve been busy in the kitchen though, and above is Quorn shepherd’s pie in the making.


I also found a lovely lentil soup recipe on Pinterest and made that last weekend. It’s so yummy that I’ll be making it again soon.

  • IMG_1552 Another Pinterest recipe is the above, oven baked cheat’s KFC chicken. I was a little skeptical as how could it really taste like KFC especially as it’s not fried, but I was very surprised (and delighted) when I began to tuck into it that it really does taste just like it. Granted I used skinless chicken breasts so it doesn’t have the same texture as peeling the skin from a KFC piece, but the flavour was there and the coating wasn’t soggy either. I’ll be making that again soon too!
  • Adjusting: Still on the subject of food, I’ve been coming to terms with the idea that I might be lactose intolerant – mainly with milk but also with soft cheeses. I changed from cow’s milk to coconut milk around a year ago, purely for its health benefits, but over the winter I’d fancied real milk again so substituted it in tea and lattes made at home. Bad idea – my body really didn’t like it so I started to realise maybe coconut milk was what I needed to stick with. The trouble is it becomes bitter very quickly and can ruin a nice cuppa. Today in the supermarket, on my way to stock up on coconut milk, I saw a new milk called A2 which claims to be better for the digestive system than standard cow’s milk. I bought some to give it a go – no harm!
  • Training: We’re back at the gym and we also acquired some York dumbells over the Christmas period so we’ve got weights at home now. We also have some races planned – MK 10k, Bupa 10,000 and Women’s Running 10k (just for me!) so we’ll be training for those.
  • Travelling: Excitedly and very unexpectedly we have quite a few trips planned for this year. I already knew I was off to Ibiza in September and I’m so excited about it. I also have some short breaks planned. But I’m now also returning to Las Vegas in 7 weeks time for a week and I couldn’t be happier!
  • Learning: This week I read this very interesting article about self-doubt and those annoying voices in your head, I found it really useful. I liked the perspective and it was really thought-provoking. Maybe you might find it useful too.

All this and just one week into the year….. It’s shaping up to be a good one!


This Week I Have Been Mostly…


  • This week the weather has been so glorious that I’ve been in a good mood every single day. I’ve woken up happy and content, and stayed that way throughout the day. It’s amazing what the sunshine can do for you. I find it inspiring and invigorating and other things beginning with I.
  • I’ve visited the gym a couple of times this week. I meant to run yesterday but a stomach bug has decided to set up home and I thought it best not to run.
  • I’ve been loving neon nail polish shades this spring and am rocking a nice bright Nail’s Inc shade at the moment called Sloane Avenue. The OPI Neon minis might have made it onto my birthday wishlist…
  • I’m amazed at my tan and can’t stop staring at my arms. I’m also amazed at the shape and definition my arms now have since I started weight training at the gym. I keep staring down and wondering whose arms they are!
  • The World Cup started tonight and I’m really looking forward to continuing my Veronica Mars marathon (such a great show!) and getting some reading done. I also want to pick up a cross stitch but they’re so expensive. Some of those might have also made it onto my birthday wishlist….
  • I have been busy filling up my (and Gary’s) diary for the next few months and after having looked at it more carefully today I’ve realised that I have only 2 free weekends between now and September and one of those has just been filled! Eek – glad it’s all super fun stuff!
  • I have been massively appreciating my friends and family this week. Accepting support from them has been a massive change in my life over the last few years and it’s wonderfully refreshing to be able to depend on other people. It’s also amazing that they depend on me too. I’m very lucky.
  • I always really enjoy social networking with companies that I like and I’ve been really enjoying do that this week. Drink Me Chai have been continuing to support Musings of a So-Called Shutterbug by sharing my post about overnight oats. I’ve chatted to some wonderful people and some very helpful customer service agents too. I’m really appreciating technology! I was also contacted by the founder of British sportswear brand Lexie with the hashtag #somethingexciting and yes, it was exciting. (More on that another time!)

It’s been a fun week so far…. looking forward to a fun weekend!
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This Week I Have Been Mostly

This week I have been mostly:

  • Recovering from the Half Marathon! I’ve been totally drained and worn down by hay fever fatigue this week. It’s the worst I’ve ever had and hasn’t been helped by a bad reaction to a new hay fever medication, which I won’t be continuing to take! Hay fever sucks!


  • Being baffled by Amazon’s new #amazonbasket. So you’re on twitter and you see a product you like? You tweet it with that hashtag and it’s added to your basket. Except there is no need for this and the only tweets mentioning it are from Amazon themselves advertising the hashtag. It’s as if they’ve created the need and now are crazily trying to fill it.

  • Noticing more and more how similar Disney’s Frozen and Pink Floyd’s The Wall are. Think about it. A child is effected by an affliction at a young age (disillusionment with war, growing up/powers) and shuts themself away behind a metaphorical/real wall/room. Finally makes it big/escapes and feels like they own their affliction, until they realise this hurts the people around them. At which stage they need to face their fears and their tormentors and overcome the wall/curse. Of course there’s a lot less reindeer in The Wall.
  • Making my new home more cosy. We finally did things like putting up curtains in the living room and buying frames for the walls. We’re awaiting the prints through the post to put in them, so at the moment they’re just empty frames but even now they make our rooms look so much better. I’m excited to carry on making the house our own.
  • Trying out OPI’s new Glitter Off base coat. It promises to allow an easy peel-off removal of glitter polish and dark colours, that are notoriously hard to remove. At first look and sniff it looks like PVA glue….. and it dries like it too….. and the ingredients are basically PVA glue. I used some with my Nails Inc cupcake sprinkles polish. It was okay except since it’s designed to peel off it chipped at the tips very quickly. It didn’t really peel off easily either and my nail beds are only slightly less damaged than they are when I naughtily pick off my polish…… I’ll still use it with heavily glittered polish in the hope that my nail condition will be a little better after peeling.


  • Looking forward to seeing some old friends. I have a couple of visits from friends this week and I haven’t seen either of them in ages. It will be great to show them the new house and catch up!
  • Trying the samples I’ve had from Everything But The Cow and The Collective Dairy in preparation for my blog reviews. I’m a lucky girl to get to try these delicious things so I can let you all know about them! Stay tuned for my reviews.

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