This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

I’m back! And this week I have been mostly recovering from much delayed jet lag!

We had an AMAZING time in Florida, so good that we’re already trying to work out how we can go back next year. (I accidentally wrote ‘next week’… wouldn’t that be grand?!)

I was back to work last week, and it’s Christmas in full swing for my job-role, so it was nice to get stuck back into it.

As you know, I don’t go for full blow-by-blow posts when I return from a trip, but I will be posting some Florida related posts in the coming weeks. A few hints and tips for things to do when you’re not visiting the parks every day, and also a post on some of the beauty products I picked up whilst I was away.

If you want to catch up on photos from the trip, head over to my instagram. I also did quite a bit of insta-live whilst I was away. If you missed those, make sure you’re following me, because I enjoyed it so much I might just do it again.

I’ve gotta say I didn’t do any filming for YouTube whilst I was away, because I’d much rather enjoy my holiday than feel like I’m ‘working’ it. In fact I didn’t touch my camera the whole trip – my iPhone was my camera and did the trick 100% of the time.

So, a little bit about the trip. We stayed with some friends whilst we were there, and had a list of things we wanted to do – and we did EVERYTHING on the list.


I was very pleased that we managed to do everything we wanted to do, and still felt like we had down-time during the trip.

We ate some amazing food


We got to go to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Snow White Disneybound at Magic Kingdom



Florida is a wonderful state, and I really do feel like Orlando is like a second home. It’s got a little bit of everything you’d want.

Anyhow, now I’m back, and Halloween is over. It’s Guy Fawkes night tonight, and that means tomorrow begins full-blown Christmas. It’s one of my favourite times of year, so bring on the glitter, lights, food and music. Bring on the festive films and festivities!

Returning To Orlando!

Never in a million years did I think that I would be visiting Orlando twice in as many years.

Even whilst boarding the plane last October (in the midst of a hurricane, no less) did I suspect that in just over a year I’d be heading back.

Orlando is definitely my second home, forgetting all the parks (but why would you want to?) it’s got all the weather, the food, the beaches and the views. It’s an incredible place.

So, when friends offered to have G Man and I for a stay whilst they are there in October, we knew we had to try to make it work somehow.

I’ll no doubt keep mentioning this over the period of time we have left until we head out, but I thought I would share a little bit of the things we want to do whilst we’re there!


We’re not going to be spending much time in the parks, in fact it’ll be just one evening – Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! We’ll be able to spend from 4pm til Midnight in Magic Kingdom and intend on rinsing every single second! I’ve got my costume sorted and I can’t wait to walk down Main Street and see the castle again!


Visit Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and St Augustine

Since our visit last year was straight Disney and Universal Studios jam-packed, we didn’t really go out and about in Orlando or the surrounding areas (apart from the shopping malls of course!) so this time around we want to visit some of these areas. I’m especially looking forward to seeing St Augustine because from what I’ve seen in photos it looks beautiful.


Complete my Orlando ‘Your Are Here’ Mug Collection

About a week after we left Orlando last year, Universal Studios announced the release of their Starbucks ‘You Are Here’ mug…. I knew I had to go back and get one, so that’s what I intend to do. I can’t have an incomplete collection now, can I?




Oh yes! I will be stocking up on Bath and Body Works, getting my money’s worth in Victoria’s Secret and Hollister (the prices are so much better there!) and visiting far too many Target, Ulta and Sephoras. Let’s just say I’m planning on packing light so I have room to bring things home….. eek!

The Food!!

I honestly can’t wait to get eating! Blaze Pizza, Publix Subrolls, Cracker Barrel for breakfast – and the one I’m most looking forward to… Homecomin’ I get to have that beautiful Moonshine Cake that I’ve been dreaming about all year, again! This isn’t even mentioning Dole Whips and all the other Disney treats you can get in Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs!



Speaking of Disney Springs……

I’m looking forward to spending time in Disney Springs and City Walk, as well as visiting the Boardwalk area which we didn’t do last time.


And last but not least, I’m really looking forward to hopefully visiting Clearwater beach. We didn’t have the chance last time, so I’m hoping we will this time around, because I can’t go to Florida twice and not see at least one of their beaches!

As well as all of this, we intend on relaxing, taking in the weather and spending time with our hosts. I really can’t wait!!


We Went To Disney World – the movie!


Okay, well it’s not a movie so much as the YouTube video I’ve been promising is now up!

It’s taken me a little while to get all the footage together, and in a way that got as much as I wanted in but without boring everyone!

And if you want to read about our trip, then you can read my blog ALL about it!

I hope you like it. If you do, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more!

Anniversary Weekend in London!

Last weekend we headed off to London for a weekend away to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. It wasn’t a surprise that day, however G Man had surprised me a few months before with the news that we were going.

The weather was really poor when we woke, incredibly humid and heavily raining, but we knew it wouldn’t spoil our weekend.


We hopped on the train with our overnight bags and hot footed it to The Savoy to drop our bags as this was where we’d be staying overnight. I’d not been to The Savoy before, so when we got in we were surprised to see no check-in desk. Instead a woman took us to an individual desk in a side room, where we were seated and our details for our booking taken. Our bags were taken too, and we were told we would get a phone call when the room was ready and our bags would be waiting for us.


By this point we were pretty hungry so we headed to Boxpark, Shoreditch, for the best pizza ever at Voodoo Ray’s. I had a Vegan Queen which, as the name suggests, is dairy-free. Perfect for me! And it was so tasty, you don’t even miss the cheese!


We hung around for a bit there, since the rain was coming down heavily, and then headed to Wardour Street, Soho, and to Yorica where they serve allergy free ice creams. I got caramel and matcha soft serve. I asked for brownie pieces and sprinkles. The guy serving me looked a little confused and instead of explaining that the free sprinkles were behind me at a station once we’d paid, he put chocolate crumbles on top. It was all very good, but I thought it would have been nice to tell me where the sprinkles were. Other than that, it was tasty and nice to have a rest whilst we ate.


We did a little shopping after that, and then headed back to the hotel. The same woman who checked us in earlier took us to our room and showed us around it, and then about 20 minutes later there was a knock at the door, and they had arranged a slice of cake as an anniversary surprise!


I had been planning on being dairy free until my dinner, however since Gary doesn’t eat mousse and this cake had a layer of it, I thought what the hell, let’s not let it go to waste. It was very tasty!

We rested a little, had showers, and then got ready to go out.


Dinner was at The Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden, only a couple of minute’s walk from the hotel.

It’s a lovely set up in the restaurant and it really reminded me of New York.


The food was lovely. I got Chicken Milanese and some broccoli and then dairy free panna cotta for pudding. Though with this and the chocolate cake I’d eaten before, I was really rather stuffed and couldn’t eat another bite!



The next morning the sun was shining and warm and we had brunch reservations at Balthazar, also in Covent Garden.





Gary had booked this table two months in advance, as it books out really fast. Again, it reminded me of being in New York, which is hardly a surprise as the only other one of these is in Manhattan. The waitress as very attentive and friendly, and as Gary had mentioned when booking that I have lactose intolerance, she told me what parts of my order had dairy and checked that it was okay. Top marks!


The food was awesome, as were the coffee and orange juice.

From here we hopped the tube to Kensington Gardens as I really wanted to see the Peter Pan statue there. I’d seen in once as a child, but really wanted to see it again. Because the sun was shining the gardens were packed with people enjoying the weather and running through. I really enjoyed the walk, however after we’d visited the statue we decided to head home so we could relax for the rest of the day.


It had been an awesome weekend. I really enjoy staying in London, even though I visit a lot, when you’re staying overnight, the city feels different! Thanks London for another enjoyable weekend!

I also vlogged this trip for my brand new YouTube channel, so if you’d like to see the moving version of this trip, then head on over, or click and watch below!

I Can’t Keep Calm….


That’s right, next month G and I are off to Disney World Florida, and we’re beside ourselves with excitement!

Disney World was always somewhere I’d wanted to go but never thought it would be possible. It’s so far and so expensive. Instead we visited Disneyland Paris a few times, and had such an awesome time. But since our 10 year wedding anniversary is also next month, we knew we would have to make the trip. It’s such a good reason for it!

We actually booked our trip almost 2 years ago, knowing that we would have the time to save up and plan for it, and I honestly can’t believe it’s almost here.

We’ve booked our ADRs and Fast Passes, planned where we want to be on which days, and we’ve started buying sunscreen, ponchos and the like too.

We’ve also been watching a lot of vlogs of the parks and area. I’ve been making a list of things I’d like to buy – mainly makeup! – whilst we’re there. I’ve got all the clothes I need to take and I really don’t need any more!

When we hit 100 on our Disney countdown, Gary gave me the challenge of telling him a new fact about Disney World, Universal or Orlando every day until we leave. I’ve been doing really well so far, and only a few of the facts are things that he already knew! I’m having a lot of fun doing it.

To pass the time, I’ve got a few friends and family who are visiting Disney this month and I’m really looking forward to seeing photos whilst they’re away. Anything to help reduce my excitement – or else I’m going to be a nightmare…. I know I am already!

We’re staying at Port Orleans French Quarter which looks rather fun from what I’ve seen. It’s themed on New Orleans at Mardi Gras! The main food court of our resort is closed for refurbishment whilst we’re there so I hope this doesn’t affect the quality of our stay, but to be honest, there are so many places to eat elsewhere that I doubt it will make the slightest bit of difference.

We just so happen to be visiting during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, which means there will be double the amount of exciting snacks and drinks to try whilst we’re there. And since we’re going to be doing so much walking, I don’t think even eating 3 puddings in one go will make a difference! We’re also there for Halloween (well park Halloween season) so we’ve bought tickets for the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I have my costume all sorted, and we can’t wait to go trick or treating, see the shows and meet the villain characters.

As part of our booking we snagged a free Dining Plan and Memory Maker. The Dining Plan means we can get a lot of our daily meals for free which is really awesome. The Memory Maker means we can receive all ride photos/videos and character photos we have taken during our time, emailed to us to keep and print. It usually costs around $100 so we’re really pleased we got it for free.

There are so many rides I can’t wait to ride at both the Disney parks and Universal. We’re trying to gather as much information, tips and tricks as we can before we go. I just can’t wait!

I’ll try to post a bit more about our trip before we go, and will definitely be posting when we come back. I’ll be adding to my Project 365 on instagram with a photo a day, however there’s a very high chance I’ll be posting more than just the one photo! If you’d like to follow my project, and my trip then head over to my instagram. (I also have another awesome trip planned before this one… but it’s a surprise!)

I’d love to hear if you have visited Orlando, your best tips and advice for our trip. Pop it in the comments, and it might feature in a future post.

An Impromptu Trip

A couple of weekends ago, not wanting our holiday to end on the Friday and go back to normality quite yet, we decided to take the train to London. We do this semi-regularly but decided we wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before, and somewhere outside since the weather was so glorious.

London is wonderful in the Summer. Hanging baskets are full of flowers, people are everywhere enjoying the sun (and street fashion moves up another level). We headed for Borough Market, located underneath London Bridge. Its history goes back to the 11th century and it’s exactly what you’d want from a market like this. Split between two sides of the bridge, one side is mainly produce – breads, fruit, vegetable, meat, cheese, fruit. There’s smoothies and juices, cakes, sandwiches, teas and spices.

IMG_3238Had our journey home not have been so long on a hot train, I would have started shopping. Instead we were good and bought some fresh juices and flavoured breads for brunch.

IMG_3239I also did a little Periscoping!

The other side of the bridge was more produce but also fish, cakes and pastries and food carts. One particular cart stuck in my mind – a German food stand selling raclette. Huge wheels of cheese had been cut in half and then turned on their sides, braced in a special vice and the cut ends melted until bubbling. It was then scooped onto new potatoes and topped with cornichon. Unable to eat that much cheese I was devestated I couldn’t try this – the line was huge and you know that means it’s going to be good. But there was all sorts of other foods and it smelled amazing!

I plan to go back, with a large wodge of cash and a tote bag!

I also want to mention another amazing event I attended the next day. I’ve run the Race for Life for the last 2 years and had signed up this year, only to royally injur myself a few months ago. I still can’t run, but my friend Tash, who I’ve run the last two with offered to take my number and run with another friend Sarah. Sarah was determined to PB this race, and as a non runner had been training hard to achieve this year.

On that freezing cold, wet and windy Sunday morning we huddled under our brolly. Gary and I then stood by and watched as Tash and Sarah smashed their race and both finished with PBs – Sarah finished over 9 minutes faster than the previous year!

IMG_3241This was taken at the end of their race – see how good they look?! I’m so proud of these two, and so grateful to Tash for taking my place.

Here’s to next year!

Jolly Boy’s Outing

We’ve had another 3 day weekend here in old Blighty. I kinda wish they would spread the Bank Holidays out a little because it seems like we’ve just had loads of them all in one go. Fun, but the rest of the year is somewhat lacking the respite of a nice elongated weekend.

This Bank Holiday has been jam-packed. Saturday we planned in a lot of rest and relaxation. We woke up at 7 am as standard, and instead of getting up and starting our day we decided to stay in bed. It was chucking it down outside and the sound of the rain was so relaxing that we opened up the blinds and had a little snooze! Once up we did the boring food shop, but decided to go to a different supermarket and I’m glad we did since we bumped into one of my best friends and her husband, who don’t normally shop there either. It was great to see them and catch up for a few minutes before we left them to shop.

After lunch we popped out to the shopping centre to locate some hair products. I used to have funky chunky ginger highlights in my red hair and I’m missing them, so I’ve bought some stuff to re-do that look again. The old look was created courtesy of L’Oreal but the kit they made is discontinued now. I’m going to have to improvise so I’m setting aside a huge amount of time and will be teaching Gary my limited amount of knowledge on how to tint hair……. I’ll do it at the start of my holiday I think since if it goes wrong there will be time to fix it!

Saturday afternoon was a veg fest! Gary wanted to watch a couple of football matches so I saw it as a perfect opportunity to begin my Veronica Mars journey. I have just bought the boxed set with all 3 seasons and the 2014 movie in it and intend to watch these during the World Cup. It means Gary can watch the games and I really won’t mind! I might even get some reading done too. I have also just been introduced to the wonderful cross stitch patterns at Satsuma Street and I’m very tempted by them. They’re modern and the colours are wonderful!

We had a fairly early night because Sunday was a big day – a day trip to Brighton!

I drove to Gary’s parent’s home and then we headed off to Brighton in two cars. Once we’d arrived Gary and I headed off for fish and chips on the beach and then met our niece on the pier and went off to have a mooch around the shops at The Lanes.


There were some wonderful bargains to be had and some gorgeous designer stuff too. The weather had started off a little windy and chilly but soon it was cardigans off and suncream on.


I managed to find myself some bubble tea and drank that as we headed back to the beach where we sat and enjoyed the waves for a bit.



Then we met up with the rest of the family and the boys and Leah had a go on a bungee thing on the beach!


It was pretty cool, but the heat and sun started to get to the kids so we headed off towards the Sea Life centre. The rest of the family headed off for their car, but Gary and I stayed behind and decided to try to get a table for dinner. It was tricky and all the places we wanted to eat were booked up, but in the end we got the last table for non-bookers at Bella Italia. We don’t really like chain restaurants when we’re in a place surrounded with wonderful independent restaurants, but when you have no choice, you have no choice! The food was alright, and we went away un-hungry at least! Then we got the park and ride back to our car and headed home. On the way back Gary suggested we drive into London to continue the evening, but I was exhausted! There’s something about the sea air that really wears me out – but in a good way!

Today was another late riser. I managed to do some washing and then we headed out for lunch with my sister and brother-in-law. We had a lovely time with good food and chats, before coming back home. I’m now trying to schedule some blogs with Frozen on in the background, and later we’re heading over to my Mum and Dad’s for dinner and to see my sister’s kids who are having a mini holiday at Grandma and Grandad’s!

Jam packed, but it’s back to work tomorrow for just 3 days before I have Friday off as we’re going to see Katy Perry in London. What a strange week!

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Oh It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary

I’m on holiday this week and have really packed it in over the last few days – and it’s only Tuesday! Let’s start with Friday, which was Valentine’s Day.

I was surprised at work with a rose and card on my desk from my secret best-friend admirer. It was beautiful! We also went out for lunch to Chiquitos with the team. It was lovely and relaxing and the food was yummy! My gym session that evening was weight training and I continued working on my quad strength with single leg presses. I really think it’s helping prevent my knee pain.

val daySaturday was long run day, which didn’t really go to plan (see my last blog post!) followed by normal chores. That evening I headed to Jen’s for Steak Night. Basically an evening where we eat steak 😀 It was super yummy, but feeling a little crummy I left early-ish and crawled into my bed.

Sunday we had a spot of shopping to do and then we headed to London where we had an afternoon and evening of fun stuff planned. I’m on the search for a decent pair of jogging bottoms that aren’t jack-ups but at the same time aren’t so long I trip (like Jack Wills). I feel like all jogging bottoms are made for midgets or people who are happy with saggy crotches and showing their bum cracks when they sit at the lat pull down. I’m not one of these people. My search so far has been unsuccessful. Anyone have any suggestions?

For dinner we visited a place recommended to us by a friend called Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton. An American BBQ restaurant with an amazing looking menu, I was excited to try some new things. I had a watermelon martini to drink and their Blue Plate for dinner. This was three pieces of chicken, mashed potato and gravy with collard greens. This was the first time I had tried collard greens and they were amazing, but a tad too spicy for me. Gary happily finished them off while I ate the rest of his amazing coleslaw! For pudding I had key lime pie which was very filling but amazing – and not green (the sign of a proper key lime pie, I hear!).


The meal was precursor to the main event. The BFI Southbank are currently holding an Al Pacino season so we bought tickets to see Dog Day Afternoon. It’s an amazing movie and if you haven’t seen it I urge you to. We really enjoyed the movie and it was great to watch it in that environment and as it was projected from one of the original reels it had all those lovely splodges and audio crackles any film fan loves. We’re going back again at the start of March to watch Scent of a Woman.

Having got back at gone midnight we were both rather tired on Monday morning. I decided that I needed to try to get a run in so woke up and dragged myself out of bed and into my running gear. They say the hardest thing about running is taking the step out of the door, but I think it’s getting out of your lovely warm bed! I managed a 3.65 mile run around my neighbourhood before I knew I had to stop or else be late for my lunch date. I really think the interval training I’ve been doing on the treadmill lately has helped because I ran my fastest 5k and knocked a whole minute off my average pace during the run. Overall I came out at with an average pace of 10:04 mm which was great considering I have a dirty great hill to run up on each lap around.


I managed to get all my chores done just in time for my Sister in Law and her kids to arrive and pick me up for lunch. Us girls went for lunch at Giraffe and had a lovely time chatting, though I was feeling rather tired from my run. Once home I was shattered and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening almost comatose on the sofa!

Despite eating out so much the last few days I’m trying to compensate by eating healthily the rest of the time. I decided for one of my lunches to mash up an avocado and mix it with some seasoning and lemon juice then spread it into some brown toast. It was so yummy, I’ll definitely be doing that again!


I also decided to give another pinterest recipe a try and was really impressed. The recipe was for Better Than Takeaway Chicken Fried Rice and it really was. So easy and quick and tasted amazing. I’m trying to find ways to add egg into our diet, since Gary doesn’t like it and egg white makes me sick, but they’re so good for you. As the egg is scrambled into the rice it’s small enough for you not to really notice it’s there. We both loved it and I can see this being a regular post-gym meal.


So that brings us to today and another fun packed day, but I’ll write about that next time. Luckily the rest of my week is just organised pottering around my house, since I haven’t been able to do that since we moved in – I’m really rather looking forward to it!

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I Don’t Know About You

Last night we took our niece Leah to London to see Taylor Swift at the O2 arena. We bought the tickets for a birthday/Christmas present for her and it seemed like ages until the day arrived but yesterday it finally happened! And it was amazing!

We arrived in time for Leah to get home from school and get changed and then we headed to the train station. We knew about the tube strike but still wanted the train journey to be part of the fun day out so arranged to go out on the train and then get a lift home. The wind was so strong and it was very cold but we kept busy chatting on the platform while we waited for the train. The journey was fun and before we knew it we were in London!


We took the busy underground to Greenwich and headed for the O2 where we made a beeline for the merchandise stand. We got very excited when we saw there were glow sticks! We got a glow stick each and a cool t-shirt too! Then we had a mooch for restaurants and ate dinner at Frankie & Benny’s.  Fed and watered we headed to our seats – we didn’t want to miss the support act.

Sitting in our seats, I was amazed at all the signs people had made – all of which were adorned or shaped with fairy lights! When the lights went down the effect was amazing – like a massive Christmas tree of shapes and words. People were dressed up too – we spotted a massive pumpkin, two bears and two women dressed in wedding dresses with veils! There were a lot of tiny red shorts and striped tops too! Everyone had put so much effort in. Our seats were really good too with mostly adults around us we were the most exuberant in our area!


The support act was The Vamps and only knowing two of their songs I wasn’t sure whether I’d enjoy it, but they were really good and sung two covers which I knew. Such a young group of lads but they really knew how to work the crowd and got everyone warmed up for the main event.

Candy floss in hand, we were all sugared up and excited for Taylor to come on stage. We didn’t have to wait long but were entertained by watching Momma Swift making the rounds in the seated floor area and taking photos with fans. And then finally the lights went down and the crowd went mental. Seriously the loudest crowd I’ve experienced – and that was including myself!

The whole show was amazing, with great sets and dancing, pyrotechnics and confetti. The songs were themed and included steam punk, circus and ballet with some amazing violin work mixed in with dancing from Caitlin – she’s amazingly bendy! Well known songs were performed in alternative genres and kept you guessing. Taylor spoke to the crowd too which was great and kept it interesting. She’d been having surprise guests at her London concerts just as she had in her US tour and I was a little nervous as to who she would choose – they’d all been British so far (Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith) and last night was Danny from The Script. They sang Break Even which I actually know, which was helpful! The crowd went mental for it!


After the show ended we were all hoarse and deaf but happy! Because of the tube strike they’d shut the station so it was a bit crazy with people and the weather had made a turn for the worst with torrential rain and gale force winds (not exaggerating!) But we eventually found our lift, and had the chance to shut our eyes for the journey home. Tired but content we arrived home and jumped into bed. We’d had an amazing time and had lots of memories of the night.

I can’t wait for my next concert!

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Fake Valentine’s Day

This weekend I had some holiday to take, so Gary and I planned to celebrate our Valentine’s a couple of days late. We booked at meal at one of our favourite London restaurants, The Big Easy in Kensington and decided to spend the afternoon in London.

Our trip started with a quick post-lunch visit to Cinnabon in the Trocadero to get our sugar on. I’d had a funny turn on the train on the way in and felt the need for a sugar buzz – which is what I got and I sat giggling for a few minutes. It was yummy. Then we popped into the HMV which is closing down 😦 From there we headed to Spitalfields Market, where one of my friends has recently got a job in the NW3 store there. They have some really really lovely things in their shop. I bought a gorgeous oversized cardigan. It’s so cozy I never want to take it off. We had a look around the market and then went for a coffee at Starbucks. I hadn’t tried one of their Vanilla Spice Lattes yet, so took that opportunity – I’d totally forgotten how gross their coffee was since they started to put two shots in. The Pumpkin Spice Latte was so nice I just figured this would be too. I was wrong. I’m sorry Costa, I’ll never stray again…

Next we headed to Kensington to find the Whole Foods Market, which we had heard so much about but wanted to see for ourselves. We didn’t have a lot of time before out seating at the restaurant, but we managed to see the whole place. I definitely want to go back to eat at the food court upstairs, and the produce they had looked amazing. They even stock my favourite yogurt from The Dairy Collective.

From there we headed to the restaurant, and I collected my frequent diners card 🙂 I, of course, ordered one of their famous frozen Margaritas – raspberry flavoured this time. They’re so good. I love the salt around the rim of the glass. Gary ordered a BBQ chicken sandwich with caramelised onions, shoestring fries and coleslaw. I had steak, mashed potato and sautéed green beans. My steak was INCREDIBLE. Cooked perfectly medium rare. In fact it was all amazing and I had to be careful not to just inhale the whole lot.

(clockwise from top left) China Town, reflection, cocktails, ice cream, steak, Piccadilly Circus, Cherry milkshake, Moomins!, Cardigan, Hearts
(clockwise from top left) China Town, reflection, cocktails, ice cream, steak, Piccadilly Circus, Cherry milkshake, Moomins!, Cardigan, Hearts

We had a look at the dessert menu but didn’t fancy anything from it, so we left and walked towards our tube station where we’d seen an ice cream place on the way down. On our walk we passed Christie’s with some interesting furniture in its window and a really pretty looking rare and 1st edition book store. It was closed unfortunately but might deserve a visit another time! The ice cream shop was called Scoop and served proper gelato ice cream. I had white pistachio ice cream and raspberry sorbet and Gary had caramel ice cream and raspberry sorbet. Both delicious. It wasn’t until after this that I remembered another ice cream place I’d wanted to visit in Soho called Gelupo. We decided to head that way anyway, so we could at least find where the place was for next time. We discovered it’s just down from Bubbleology and Snog which I love! Can’t believe I’d missed it before! They have an amazing ricotta, coffee and honey ice cream that I’d tried at the Good Food show and I’d love to try again.

From here we had a walk through China Town, all decorated for the Chinese New Year and then we walked to Covent Garden. We wanted to visit the Cyber Candy store and have a look around. We managed to buy quite a few cans of American soda – the Vanilla Coke from America tastes so much better than the stuff they used to sell here. And I found a load of Moomin themed Finnish sweets! Best of all they’re free from artificial colours and flavours, of which I’m allergic to. Thank God for European food laws. (No horse jokes now please!)

After here we walked through Covent Garden where they had some huge L.O.V.E. letters where people had written messages on metal hearts and padlocked them to the letters. It was so cool! There were also a load of massive decorated eggs as part of a Save The Children auction initiative (a bit like the phone boxes they had last year) Some of the eggs were amazing!

We headed back to Euston from here, and got the 10pm train home. It was such an amazing day. The weather was crisp but not cold and there was no wind. The sun even shone! Such a good day.

Yesterday we stayed in bed late and then went food shopping (rock and roll!) and had a message from Gary’s Mum asking if we wanted to go out for lunch. So we ventured out to an American Diner near Northampton called Buddies. I had some amazing macaroni cheese with garlic bread followed by pancakes. (I still haven’t made pancakes at home for Shrove Tuesday yet!) Later in the evening we decided to make a recipe we’d found on Pinterest for a cherry-vanilla milkshake. It was okay but not as sweet as we thought it would be and didn’t taste of vanilla or cherries. But it was morish and surely must count towards one of my 5 a day!

Today I have been mostly doing chores and watching The House on Haunted Hill, which I’d never seen before. It’s not bad but not good if you know what I mean?! It’s back to work tomorrow, but since I love my job it isn’t a bummer 🙂
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