This Week I Have Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

Another month closes and we’re another month closer to summer. Which can only be a good thing. The weather has been somewhat volatile and as a result my winter parka is still not away, and I haven’t been able to put on my lovely spring clothes just yet.

Since I updated you last, I have been to see Bruno Mars, which I must say was all the way up there with some of the best concerts/gigs I’ve seen in my time (and I’ve seen a LOT). The stage setup, the dancing, production and the voice of the man himself was all perfect. He’s an incredible singer and entertainer, and we enjoyed it so much we looked to see whether we could get tickets for the following night (sadly, we couldn’t) If you enjoy Bruno Mars’ music, and get the opportunity to see him live, please take it.

I’ve been a little low-key on the old social media side of things, as we’ve been planning to sell our house and move to another one. Things are progressing and I’ll come back with news as I have it, but it’s all rather mentally taxing, so it’s been nice to have some more down time.

I’ve been spending my down time watching Netflix, and in the absence of my April Favourites (which I’ve decided to skip this month) I thought I’d tell you about a couple of things I’ve been watching.


I finished watching Bates Motel this weekend, and oh my, what a show. If you like the Hitchcock movie Psycho, you really ought to watch this. But I recommend watching the original film first and then going straight into the tv show. There are so many nods to the film; lines, scenes, even just the way the actors behave, that it’s a Hitchcock fan’s dream. But on its own the show is really well written, the story lines are great and Norma and Norman are acted AMAZINGLY well. I’m really glad a watched it.


I’ve been watching Riverdale pretty much only to kill time. The show is as bad as the Photoshop job in the promo photo above. It’s based on Archie comics characters, of which I know zero about, but I have it on good authority that the link is pretty tenuous anyway. The story line is loose, I don’t care about the characters and I seem to only find myself wondering what brand of lipstick the girls are all wearing. But for some reason I keep switching the darn show on.


I love Netflix documentaries, and we watched Casting Jonbenet a couple of weekends ago. It’s an interesting take on looking into the death of Jonbenet Ramsey. The makers of the documentary made the film as if they were casting for the parts of the main players involved in the story, and as such were able to get first person theories and opinions from local townspeople. All put together in re-enactments, they create a collection of theories on what actually happened. It’s worth a watch.


Having never watched Twin Peaks when it originally aired in 1990 (when I was 7) I thought it about time I rectified the situation, and what with a new season of the show airing this month, we have just begun to watch the show. I knew the show was going to be a bit twisted, since it’s David Lynch, however what I didn’t expect was the humour and so-subtle nuances of the characters. We’re only a few episodes in so I can’t make a proper judgement yet, but I will say I’m very much enjoying what I’ve seen so far. I’m also really pleased I’m watching it now, as an adult, because I think I wouldn’t have recognised these subtleties back then – I would have just thought it was weird!

Coming up next weekend, I’m off to see Harry Potter Live at the Royal Albert Hall, another one of those events where you watch the film and a live orchestra plays the score live in front of you. I’m looking forward to it, because I love John Williams’ score in the Harry Potter films. And no doubt I’ll be running around making preparations in the house, whilst trying to remember it’s also important to chill out and relax. Ho hum!

I hope you have a great week 🙂

This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

By the time you have read this, Easter would have been and gone and we will all be sick to death of chocolate (maybe). Our Easter breaks will be over and we will have already had our two short working weeks.

I love a good bank holiday, but it doesn’t half make fitting all your actual work into the working days you have, hard!

Anyhow, in the time since I last caught up with you guys, I have mostly been watching Bates Motel on Netflix, and I’m really enjoying it. It was a conscious decision to watch this series and so, before I hit the Netflix button on my TV remote, I actually watched the original Psycho film. I’d seen it many times before, of course, but I wanted to have it fresh in my mind before I began to watch the tv series. So far I’m pleasantly surprised by how true it sticks to the film and I’m loving the characters and how they’re portrayed and acted – especially Norman and his Mother.

I’m really looking forward to beginning to watch the new season of Pretty Little Liars too! Still on the subject of TV, by the time you read this I will have seen the last episode of Girls. I’ve been really enjoying the character development of everyone in this final season of Girls. Such an amazing TV show, I’m really sad it’s finishing!

I did also watch the whole series of 13 Reason Why and I’m planning a dedicated post to that, once I can get in the right headspace to do it.

Another thing that will have happened by the time you read this is I will have been to see Bruno Mars! I didn’t think we would get tickets to be honest, and then Gary managed to find some the other week and we just bought them. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I love his current album, and I’m so pleased we’re going to get to see it live!

One final, and very exciting piece of news, is that this blog can now be found at! You don’t need to change your bookmarks as they will redirect to the old address still, but you’ll see the link at the top of your browser will now say and I’m very pleased about that 🙂

So, now Easter is done with, and we’ve had a little sunshine already, it has to be all downhill to Summer now? Right? I can’t wait for some humid, balmy days, light jacket weather (or no jacket weather) and plenty of sunshine! Bring it on!!

20 Ways at 20 Years; Buffy The Vampire Slayer Changed My Life

Something you might not know about me is that when I was a teenager I was obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or BtVS). And you might know that Buffy celebrated 20 years since it first aired, last month, so I thought I might share with you the many ways it improved my life.

Back when Buffy was first being shown, I was probably the targeted viewing age. A group of friends and I would watch the show religiously – those were the days when it was considered majorly geeky to show an interest in a tv show, binge watch or even just buy merchandise.

My first experience with the show was when a friend who had a Blockbuster membership found that you could rent Buffy on double episode VHS tapes. Buffy hadn’t started being shown in the UK at that point, so we rented the videos – I think they were Welcome to The Hellmouth, Surprise and Innocent and Becoming pts 1 & 2. They were obviously out of context but it didn’t seem to bother us. Then when Sky started showing it, I was able to borrow tapes of the show from friends (I didn’t have cable or satellite TV) and then eventually we found you could pay people to tape the episodes and post them over on VHS from America – and eventually onto disc via ripping from the internet.


There are so many positive attributes to Buffy and if you’re a fan you’ll know all about them, but I thought I’d share how the show changed my life personally!

  1. Buffy gave me a shared interest which drew me to a fantastic bunch of friends. Since I was going through a massively hard time with anxiety and depression during my time at school, having a group of people to spend time with was so important. Without this shared interest I don’t know whether I would have survived school!
  2. I discovered some great alternative music – granted a lot of it isn’t that wonderful now but the style and feel of the music certainly gave me focus and was the catalyst to a lot of the music I listen to today. I still can’t hear Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan without wanting to sob!
  3. The fashion in the show isn’t always a hit, but I definitely emulated a lot of the looks from the show in my day-to-day wardrobe. Nowhere else would jack ups look cool – but they seemed to work on Buffy!
  4. My internet social life started with a love of The X-Files but I met a wonderful group of people on a BtVS message board, who I still speak to and sometimes see, today. I also made friends with some people across the pond and I still stay in touch with them now.
  5. BtVS could be the reason I started blogging. I had a fansite, made graphics, socialised with other webmasters and shared articles about the show. It was my first outing into making a mark on the internet and I loved it! I wish I had some screenshots of my site, but here’s one of the banners I made for the site. (My skills were awesome, right…… :D)
  6. gateWatching a tv show with strong female lead, and a bunch of other awesome females definitely wasn’t lost on me. It also didn’t hurt that Angel was a honey….
  7. And on that note, the vocab in the show was new, exciting and totally awesome. No one heard anyone speak California slang in Milton Keynes…. well at least until they met me!
  8. Even though Buffy was set in a world where Vampires were real, it also covered some really important subjects  – unrequited love, first sexual encounters, bullying, homosexuality, school shootings, rape, death of a family member, cheating, the complexities of friendship, fitting in, not fitting in….. I could go on….
  9. I mentioned music earlier, but I’ll mention it again, this time in the guise of score. The original BtVS score, composed by Christophe Beck, was the first time I really paid attention to incidental music in TV. I’d been a fan of The X-Files and knew about Mark Snow’s score (which isn’t to my taste) but in Buffy I discovered for the first time, the idea of theming. The concept that the same phrase of music could be used time and time again in multiple episodes of the show when a particular character or characters are on screen, was wonderful. The Buffy and Angel theme still gives me chills.
  10. Watching Becoming pt 2 was the first time I ever saw something on screen that made me feel deeply sad – and it was fiction. I didn’t get it – it was both beautiful and sad and I didn’t know what to do with the emotions I was feeling. Being a teenager is HARD!tumblr_n7q5z15MH71qiizz2o3_250
  11. Something that even the people I used to watch the show with, don’t know, was that until I began watching the show I was deeply terrified of Vampires and the idea of vampires. But watching BtVS cured me of that – thanks Joss!
  12. Also, to this day WWJD doesn’t stand for What Would Jesus Do, but instead stands for What Would Joss Do. And also Thank Joss It’s Friday, is something that often pops into my head. Joss is a genius…. Nuff said.
  13. I more often than once took this photo to the hair dressers (and sometimes I would come out with something similar….)Willow-Smith-550x440
  14. When I met Gary, Buffy was still being shown on TV – he knew how important the show was to me that he borrowed my dvd sets (it must have been love!) and binge watched them to catch up so we could watch the new episodes together!
  15. I wrote a letter to Joss Whedon and got a (print) signed cast photo back all the way from LA! I was so excited at the idea that it had come from America.
  16. My obsession with Buffy was apparently so strong, that one day my Mum took me aside and said to me ‘You do know you’re not Buffy don’t you?’…. And obviously I knew…. if anyone I would have been Willow, of course!
  17. Quotable Buffy changed my life, because not only did I find I was able to come up with a quote for every situation, but I found I was able to start coming up with quick quips of my own for every situation. You know those conversations where you think of something witty to say hours after the fact? Not me, I seem to have honed the skill of coming out with it at the right time. I have BtVS’ fast dialogue to thank for that!
  18. BtVS taught me that if the boy you like suddenly starts wearing leather trousers, he’s probably turned evil so it might be worth staying away.
  19. BtVS taught me the importance of friendship both via the show, and also the community that surrounded it.
  20. Out of all of the above, I have to say the most important thing BtVS taught me is that it’s okay to be you. Be you and be kind. Whether you’re the geek, the outcast, gay, straight, feel detached from the world, estranged from friends or family, feel uncomfortable in your own skin or even if you have a big secret you feel no one would understand – be you. And be kind – because no matter how hard you feel your life is, the stranger next to you is feeling the same. We’re all trying to muddle through this world – some of us are panicking about school, others are dealing with trouble at home, and who knows the girl next to you on the train might be dealing with coming to terms with being a Vampire Slayer.


March Favourites


This month I have a little bit of beauty, a little bit of music and a quite a bit of entertainment to share with you all.

As usual, we’ll start with beauty!

So to start let’s talk about the Pixi Glow Mist – I bought this on a recent trip to London and have since received another bottle in a goodie bag, and I’m so pleased I have a back up. This little spray works as a hydrator, primer, setting spray and general all over glow creator. It can also be sprayed on the ends of your hair to soften dry split ends. I have used it in almost all of these ways. As someone with an oily t-zone I didn’t find this made me greasy at all. There’s a layer of oil you shake into the rest of the solution and then spray evenly over your face. My face was left feeling soft and hydrated, and as a setting spray this left my makeup looking soft, even and natural. I also sprayed it onto my beauty blender ahead of applying my Urban Decay Naked foundation and it took away the matte powdery look I dislike from the finish of that makeup. I’m in love!

Next is the White Mud exfoliating scrub and mask from The Estee Edit. This came in my Glamour Beauty Festival goodie bag and I’ve used it twice so far. I really like this mask. Firstly you only have to leave it on for 5 minutes so already it’s a time-saving mask! It comes in a tube so it’s travel friendly and you barely need any to cover your whole face. You rub it onto your face in little circles to exfoliate, leave it 5 minutes and then when it comes off it’s super easy to remove. I found my skin and pores were clearer than it’s been using any other mask. It knocked GlamGlow and L’Oreal’s mud masks out of the park. I’m super impressed.

Next is a couple of blushes. The Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer is one of my all time favourites (not just because it smells AMAZING!) so when I heard they had released two shades in blush formula, I knew I wanted one. A friend who was visiting America kindly picked one up for me in the shade Plum Rose. I’m so impressed with the shade, texture, finish and longevity of this blush – plus it smells just as good as the bronzer!

As part of the goodie bag I mentioned earlier I received a mini Nars blush in the shade Orgasm. This is many people’s holy grail blusher, and I’ve bought an ELF blush which is said to be a dupe for it, but I can now say it’s not. This Nars blush is beautiful. It’s a gorgeous shade, easily buildable and not glittery at all. I don’t know whether I’ll re-buy this because I have a lot of similar shades, and the full size of this is pretty expensive BUT I’m really pleased to have this and I will continue to use it regularly until it’s gone!

Lastly for beauty is the Davines All in One Milk and a couple of lip products from ColourPop. This blowdry spray is a multi purpose leave in conditioner that detangles and makes my hair feel and smell wonderful. It doesn’t weigh down my hair and leaves it wonderfully soft but manageable. I got a small bottle of this in my Liberty Advent Calendar and have since purchased the full-sized bottle because I can’t live without it!

The ColourPop lip products I’ve been loving this month are the Blotted Lip in Lexi and the Gloss in Finders Keepers. They seem to have been my go-to products this month. The gloss add the right amount of colour and gloss and lasts a really long time, and the blotted lip looks fabulous until it wears down a little and then I pop some Rose Salve on top and it lasts a little longer. I’m impressed!

So from beauty to music! This month I have been obsessively listening to Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino. I just can’t get enough!


24k Magic just makes me want to dance and there’s so much soul in Childish Gambino’s music….. I’m a fan!

Now onto TV! This month we’ve completed quite a few tv shows and I’d like to share my favourites with you.


Freaks and Geeks is a show originally aired 1999 and set in 1980 about a bunch of high school kids – written by Judd Apatow and only one season long, this show featured actors like Seth Rogan, James Franco and Jason Segel. It’s a fantastic show and I really enjoyed watching it – it’s such a shame it was cancelled after just one season!

Also from Judd Apatow, Love season 2 was put up onto Netflix this month, and we breezed through it. This is such an awesome show and I’m really pleased that season 3 is in production. If you haven’t checked it out but you like Judd Apatow’s work, then definitely give the first season a watch.

And lastly, another Netflix show, Atlanta. Created by and starring Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) this is a funny, intelligent and sometimes a little excentric programme – but so worth a watch. It follows Earn and his life as he becomes his rapping cousin’s music manager but it’s one of those ‘real’ shows that showcases the weirdness of life and the hilarity of people.

So those are my favourite things of March! Have you watched any of these shows, heard any of this music or tried any of the beauty products I mentioned this month? I’d love to hear what you thought!


February Favourites!


February is traditionally a short month, and as such I don’t have a huge amount of product favourites this month, but I have been busy watching TV and Films so there’s a few of those.

Let’s get started with beauty!

I’m sure you could see this first favourite coming…


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette has been talked about by so many people over the last few months, me included, but it’s turned very quickly into my all time favourite eyeshadow palette. I can’t count the number of looks I’ve created so easily using just these eyeshadows. They blend beautifully, and last! There’s a reason it’s become a cult favourite, and if you like wearing eyeshadows you need to pick this up when you can.


The Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara, pictured here with some other bits, has become my favourite every day mascara. So it’s a great shame you can’t buy it here! I picked this up on a recent trip to the States, and I’ll be stocking up every single time I go back because I don’t think I’ll tire of it! The wand gives my straight, stubborn lashes, a lovely lift. It separates and volumises without clumping and my lashes stay that way all day.


That’s it for beauty. Onto the rest. I’d seen Blogosphere magazine mentioned in the blogosphere (ironically!) Once the Zoella issue hit the stands, I REALLY heard about this magazine. On a recent trip to London I picked up a copy, ahead of the next issue being released. I’ve only read a little bit so far, but I have been so impressed with the quality. Not only the content but the actual magazine quality is so impressive. I don’t buy magazines any more because they’re 80% advert 20% dodgy opinion, but this publication is not like that. It’s full of wonderful photos, interviews, opinions and includes the whole blogging community. I’ll definitely be picking up the next copy – though I don’t think I’ll be subscribing as it costs more to subscribe than just buy 4 copies a year….

Now onto the entertainment I’ve been enjoying.


I mentioned The OA in a past blog, but it hasn’t featured in my favourites yet. I LOVED this show. Like really loved it. It was incredibly self-indulgent which I expected but aside of that the subject, story and execution was so good. They’ve renewed for another season apparently so I’m really interested in seeing what they come up with next.


The Man in The High Castle is an Amazon original series and one of the reasons we stuck with amazon prime when they hiked the price. The second season of this, very intriguing show, was released not too long ago and we finished watching them this month. If you have access to amazon video and you’re interested in history and alternate realities, then give this a try!

And lastly for this month, I’d like to talk about something I’ll be honest I didn’t want to like. I tend to stray from things lots of people say is great – I don’t like to roll with the masses. I don’t want to be branded a typical female for liking something ‘girly’ that every woman likes. But…. ladies and gents….


Oh my did I love this movie. Absolutely everything about this movie. I really like the film Crazy Sexy Love so I’m familiar with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s acting relationship. But this was something else. The music, songs, acting, story, cinematography and….. magic. I need to see it again….


This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

Here we are almost at the end of February. Where is the time going?

My last few beauty posts have been very well received and I wanted to say hello to all my new followers! It’s lovely to have you here and I can’t wait to speak with you via your comments. Welcome 🙂 Feel free to follow me over on twitter too, if you feel like it! I’m @groggits

The last few weeks have flown by in a whirl of work and play. Last weekend Gary and I took the opportunity to visit a local pub, The Swan at Salford and have a lovely date-night. So we popped on some nice clothes, I brushed my hair, and we headed out. Both of our meals were delicious and I had a yummy cocktail which tasted like there was no alcohol in it (the most dangerous kind…!)

Gary and I took receipt of a new TV we’ve been saving for for a while now – its 50” 4K and 3D. I’d been given a copy of Frozen for my birthday a few years ago, which happened to have the 3D version on it so we were able to really put the TV to the test, and the picture is amazing! We’ve since bought a few 3D blu rays to watch and I must say, Tangled in 3D got me a bit emotional at the end with the lanterns. We’re planning on watching Life of Pi on it soon. So excited! Oh and I can watch YouTube on it too, which is amazing – this might be old hat to some of you, but I’m loving watching my subscribed channels on there! The remote control even has a Netflix button….. woah!

The weather has been swinging between icy hell in the mornings and spring like sunsets in the evenings. I’m getting tired of having to layer up and I’m craving being able to wear some of my prettier clothes with a light jacket. Everyone dresses cuter in milder weather and I think this is the first year I’ve really missed the Summer throughout the whole of Autumn and Winter.

We received a wedding invitation for Gary’s cousin’s wedding in July. It looks like it might be a festival in the woods type theme so I’m thinking along the lines of Midsummer Night’s Dream for my outfit. I adore weddings and really can’t wait!

I spent a little while in Boots this weekend, just mooching and seeing what’s new, and picked up some amazing new things to try.


I got this little lot for a little over £30 – I can’t wait to try it all out, especially the Collection #concealandlightlikeapro Palette (£5.99!)  Anyone else find it weird calling it Collection and not Collection 2000 or is it just me? I’m also loving that Benefit are doing these £5 minis because it means I can try a few bits out without committing to the size or cost of a full sized product. They have an offer on at the moment for 4 minis for £15 and there’s quite a few lines in the deal. Go have a look! I’m all about hiding my dark circles and fine lines at the moment, so most of the stuff I picked up was the try in that area. Keep an eye out later in March to find out what I thought of these!

And as we’re nearing the end of the month, stay tuned for my February Favourites blog, due to hit your blog reader next week. See you then!

December 8th


Today I’d like to talk about Christmas TV. I think every family has tradition of things they watch on tv and every channel has tradition of shows and movies they will always show. The uproar this year over Channel 4 not being able to show Elf this year was huge!

I’m planning on blogging about my favourite movie choices, this time of year, later in the month, but I wanted to chat TV first.

I know it’s different in other countries, but here in the UK we love a bit of Morcombe and Wise. It’s not Christmas without a special compilation of their best bits.

I’m also very partial to an episode of Only Fools and Horses during the Christmas holidays but then I’m always partial to an episode of Only Fools and Horses.

Of course on Christmas Day we usually like to watch the Queen’s speech and stand during the National Anthem – though after eating as much as we do for lunch I’m not sure many people can manage to stand. In my family it’s also tradition to watch Christmas Top of The Pops. Since TOTP was cancelled I’m so pleased they keep making the Christmas Special, as it’s usually the only time I get to hear any current music. This year will be different since changing jobs I get to listen to the radio every work day. I’ve actually heard of some of the top pop combos around today 😀

The Two Ronnies is shown every Christmas Day, and never gets old. Here’s one of their best:

Of course Wallace and Gromit feature at some point in run up to Christmas, and then there’s the new tradition of watching a new Dr Who episode on Christmas Day.

It’s funny how these shows shown at a specific time of year become family tradition and bring cosy holiday memories to you, even if it’s the kind of thing that can be shown all year around.


What are your family tv traditions?


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My Week and the Little Golden Man

Hello! And sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been suffering with some kind of virus which had me take half days at work on both Wednesday and Thursday. Thankfully I’m feeling like myself again, but it was pretty nasty for a time back there! The horrible thing was that it effected my stomach and appetite and all I wanted to eat was potato. It got to the extent that I couldn’t surf Pinterest (one of my favourite time killing activities) because all the food photos were turning my stomach! Boo! But it’s all better now 🙂

So as well as resting and trying to work this week, we watched a couple of things worthy of note. On Thursday we watched Flight, Denzel Washington’s latest movie and a Robert Zemekis film. Such a great movie, the opening 15 or so minutes were breathtaking. Definitely worth watching.

On Friday night we watched a drama called Ghostwatch. It was made in 1992 and aired on the BBC at 9.25 on October 31st as part of a Screen One drama season. Starring in it are Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene and Craig Charles. I had never seen it before but had heard about it through friends as being the most scary thing they had ever seen. G Man had watched it as a 9 yr old when it aired originally and said he hadn’t slept for 3 nights. The idea was that a BBC crew were visiting a ‘haunted house’ for an all night vigil with Michael Parkinson back in a studio with a specialist and people on the phones taking calls from the ‘public’ (on 081 811 8181 which also happened to be the Live and Kicking number and I still remembe the jingle for it! Pathetic right?). They wanted to capture evidence of poltergeist activity. Craig Charles was outside the house with locals acting the cheeky chappy and Sarah Greene was with a small crew and the family who lived in the house. The events that occur from then are amazing, and you’d have to watch it to get the creepiness of it all. People watching in 1992 didn’t understand that it was a drama and the BBC had so many complaints that they banned the programme from being aired again for the next 10 yrs. It’s been 20 years now and they still haven’t shown it again. What occurred was a type of War of the Worlds effect which made the show stuff of legends, and film makers have admittedly used Ghostwatch as inspiration (The Blair Witch Project and no doubt Paranormal Activity and Most Haunted). Because the programme was made in 1992, I expected the quality to have diminished and wasn’t expecting much from any effects or ideas that might be presented, but I was amazed by how good it was. It was seriously scary and creepy and yes I had trouble getting it out of my mind for the first few hours after watching it. I was very very impressed.

So last night were The Oscars. At the beginning of last week I realised that since the Oscars were Sunday night and I was off Monday and Tuesday I could attempt to stay up until 5am and watch the ceremony live! It’s something I had fancied doing for years but it was never practical with work. But I really wanted to try and got a lot of support from friends and Gary that I should give it a go. On Sunday evening I got a message from a friend saying that her plans to watch it had fallen through and could she come over to mine to watch it too. I “met” Helen online via a Buffy message board around 13 years ago, and had only physically met her 2 maybe 3 times before, but we had kept in touch via social networks. I said it was fine for her to come over and pulled out the snacks! Helen works for the NFTS and her department had a nomination in the Short Animated Film category with a film called Head Over Heels, so it made it just a little more exciting to watch, even though they were pipped at the post. I had a great time watching the Red Carpet and the ceremony with Helen, spotting celebs and talking films. I really enjoyed the whole show. I’m still gobsmacked at how well Daniel Radcliffe sang and danced. Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing even if the UK press think she looked like she was wearing a wedding dress, I think she was best dressed. All in all a great night. Falling asleep at 5:30am was a little odd, but I’m so glad I did it, and so glad I had someone to watch it with!

So, tonight I’m off out with a couple of friends for a late birthday celebration (theirs not mine) and a good old natter. I think I might be a little tired tomorrow though….

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The Small Screen

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to a lot of things, and TV is no exception. I talk about movies on my blog but never really tv. Watching the Golden Globes today made me realise that there have been a lot of really great shows in the last year. I want to run you through a few of my favourites.

Let’s start with Homeland – This show was amazing in its first season and the second season was no less great. I love Damian Lewis and people who know me will know I’m a little bit in love with Claire Danes. So it was a given that I would watch this. Throw in that it’s all about politics and Homeland Security and you’ve got me hooked. I’m not going to go deep into what the show’s about (click the link above for the IMDB’s synopsis) but I will say the plots, action, characters and of course the acting are flawless. Last year’s season 2 was explosive and I can’t wait for season 3.

Last year saw the third and final season of Forbrydelson (or The Killing) a Danish tv show (which has been made into a US series but I wouldn’t even bother with that) with English subtitles. From the offset this show was amazing. A murder mystery with wonderfully written detectives and a political element (seeing a pattern in my tv tastes?) Last year saw the airing of the final season of the series – long-awaited. I won’t go into detail because I know it hasn’t aired everywhere – but I will say you won’t be disappointed. If you love the show then you’re going to love this season.

Let’s talk about Girls. This is the kind of show you can’t admit to your parents that you love (sorry Mum!) It’s sexually explicit, the characters and rude, the behaviour isn’t quite right – but it’s amazing. Lena Dunham has written and starred in my favourite show of the past year. The people and what they get up to are so relatable, in a messed up way, that I just absorb each show as it’s aired. And thankfully UK are seeing the new season only one day after it’s aired in the US. Another wonderful HBO show that I can’t wait to watch each week.

The Newsroom is a show I was predestined to love. It’s written by Aaron Sorkin who also created The West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The West Wing is my all time favourite tv show, so I knew I needed to try this out. Not only does The Newsroom feature reaction to real life events, it also includes footage and soundbites from real news coverage. The characters are interesting and funny, and you really root for them. The subplot which runs throughout the whole show is also interesting and keeps you watching. The season ended with an interesting inclusion of the phone hacking scandal. I’ll be tuning in for next season.

New Girl was a grower for me. The second season has been leaps and bounds better than the first (which I also enjoyed!) and it seems to have settled into its niche. I find myself laughing out loud throughout the show. It’s found a place with The Big Bang Theory as a fantastic go to short episode comedy to make myself feel happy!

I’ll mention Treme briefly even though the 3rd season wasn’t my favourite. However a not so great season of Treme pretty much trumps a good season of anything else. Made by the same people as The Wire (another of my faves!) it’s set around New Orleans and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. So well written and acted that each episode seems like a mini movie in itself, it’s definitely one to try out.

You may have noticed that most of these shows are American and I’ve not even mentioned Downton Abbey (because I refuse to watch it). That’s mainly because most of the drama that comes out of Britain is rubbish. But I will mention one show I watched last year and thoroughly enjoyed. The only reason I chose to watch The Syndicate was because it had Matthew Lewis in it (Neville from Harry Potter) and girls, if you didn’t know, Neville grew up to be a hottie. I was so glad I did switch it on though. It’s set around a group of people who work in a little corner shop and who played the lottery in a syndicate and won the jackpot. Each episode focussed on a different winner and how their life had or hadn’t been effected by the win. Of course the character’s life intertwined. Such an interesting and well executed idea. definitely try it out if you can.

I’ll also briefly mention Dexter which is consistently amazing (season 7 was as jaw dropping as the others) and American Horror Story; Asylum which makes you feel right on the edge of your comfort zone but always has you wanting to know what happens next.

There’s been a lot of good TV in the last year, and the new year seems to be pulling it out of the bag too. Here’s to another year of watching the goggle box!

My dependence on technology

And I do hate to admit it, but I really do rely on the internet. Recently we swapped internet providers. Which meant about 3 weeks without the internet, which we only got back yesterday. If it hadn’t had my iPhone I would have probably died.

One of the reasons is my flickr account. I’m currently completing a 365 project. 365 days in pictures. I found it incredibly difficult to find inspiration every day when I knew I wasn’t going to be able to upload my photograph. I also love to see other people’s photos and it’s very hard to see a picture properly on the small iPhone screen.

Another reason is twitter. I am a total twitter addict. In fact half way through my internetless period, my twitter account was accidently suspended and I almost had a heart attack. I thought two weeks without the internet and now no twitter – how will I live? But they got it back for me within about 2 hours 😀

I also had only just begun to blog on here, and you really really can’t blog from an iPhone – i started to try and gave up. Too frustrating!

However, I did find, without the net, I was able to watch more TV with Gary, and I started to read the Twilight Saga for the first time – I will blog on that once I’ve read all four published books. I’ll just say for now, that it’s one of the most incredibly amazing stories I’ve ever read/seen/heard. But more on that next time 🙂