This Week I Have Been Mostly…


  • Massively enjoying the sun. It’s wonderful that the warm weather and sunshine has stayed with us this long. I must say I’m hoping that it continues this way. I’m getting rather a nice tan too for the first time EVER!


  • Missing my parents. They’re away in Canada and come back on Tuesday. It’s going to be good to have them back. It sounds like they’re having an amazing time!
  • Watching Veronica Mars. Having only ever watched 3 episodes, randomly and out of sync when they used to air it around 11am on E4 I knew it would be something I would enjoy. I’d never expected it to be so adult though. It’s wonderful, I love the characters, the story lines and the music. I’m now on season 3 (the last season) and I don’t know why they’ve changed the opening credits music, but I’m starting to feel a bit sad because I know it’s going to be over soon. I’ve been watching it on my laptop with headphones in while Gary has been watching the World Cup and apparently I’ve been gasping with surprise a lot. It’s that kinda show, folks. I can’t wait to see what happens – no spoilers now please!


  • Prepping my hair for some changes. I bought a highlighting kit recently and it’s going to hopefully bring back my old gingery slices, so I’ve died my hair in preparation for testing it and working out how long I want to leave the goo on it for the right shade. Exciting! It should hopefully end up much like it is in this photo:



  • Planning the week ahead since I’m now on holiday until the 2nd of July. I have some really fun things planned and I can’t wait to get on it!

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That Was The Week That Was

Woah what a week?! It’s been a busy week, back to work and trying to ramp up my training.

First of all thanks for the comments regarding my photo being featured on the Red Bubble front page. I was really chuffed and have gained lots of followers and even sold some stuff from my shop as a result, so it really pays off to get noticed 🙂

This week started off slow with getting back into the swing of things at work and getting back on the horse with running and strength training.

  • On Sunday I cooked another Pinterest recipe Lazy Sunday Roast and I have to say it was amazing. I would never have thought of steaming the veg in a little stock first and then adding balsamic vinegar, but the flavours were amazing (especially the carrots) and I had enough left over afterwards for a second sitting later in the week which I took to work. Amazing!

photo 1

I have altered the recipe a little – I didn’t use fennel and I used more sausages, but it really was delicious!

  • Early in the week Gary and I received our race packs for the 10k we’re running next Sunday. It seems like so long since I ran a race – it’s only been 3 months – but I love getting my number and info in the post and can’t wait to get caught up in the atmosphere and buzz!

photo 2

  • On Thursday my friend Jen and I experienced our first Yoga lesson. I knew it was going to be intense but after an hour I was really exhausted. We enjoyed it so much that we’ve booked in for next week already. It was really fun!
  • What with yoga on Thursday and running on Friday, Saturday and today with a planned run tomorrow I’m feeling a little tired. I did plan on going to the gym this afternoon but instead I’m going to spend it food prepping for the week and reading magazines of which I now have a tasty stack!

photo 3

  • Today I ran my fastest 5k (30:47) which I’m really pleased with but need to slow it down in order to complete the distances I want to run. I’m nervous about the 10k next week but also looking forward to seeing how my training has improved my race running. Let’s hope the weather is better than last year’s event, when it snowed!

The week ahead is full of training, more yoga, work, food and having fun! We’re off to London on Saturday for another Al Pacino fix at the BFI and then it’s race day. I can’t wait!

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It’s Friday, Friday,

Gotta get down on Friday.

What a fast week it’s been. In fact every week since I started my new job has been so fast that I’m starting to think that someone’s playing a trick on me.

It’s just one week until my 10k and I’ve been under the weather with an ear nose and throat infection for the past 2 weeks. I managed to bike to work for the first time in a fortnight, today and that was a struggle. But my legs feel better for a little work out. 3 more planned runs and then I’m on inforced rest days until the day itself.

This week I have been mostly debating my hair colour and whether to go back to brown from red. The red is so hard to maintain and it colours all my headbands when I train. I find myself having to redye it every 3 weeks because it fades so fast. Twitter spoke last night and I had not one vote for brown. So I might just alter the shade and go for a mahogany next time I dye it. Maybe…..

Not a huge amount has happened this week other than that. I’ve been mostly napping in front of the tv trying to feel better. I’ve got another driving session tomorrow and then a friend is coming round for a catch up on Sunday. It’s nice to have plans – and I’m still really enjoying having my weekends 🙂

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If you want to sponsor me for my 10k run for Macmillan Cancer Support then visit my Just Giving page and I’ll run even faster for you 😀

This Week and TMI

I shall prepare you now, that parts of this post are going to be a bit grim. I’ll refrain from posting pictures but I had an injury that wasn’t pretty. You have been warned!

So this weekend was the first of two whole weekends I’m working and also my penultimate weekend working in retail. The weather meant that it was a heap quieter than normal but still busy as my shop had a sale on. Early on in the day I dropped a metal bar onto my left big toe and it made an amazing bruise immediately. Sunday was agony but it didn’t throb so much and Monday was less painful – I could almost walk on it. But I had to cancel two planned runs because I could barely put my foot down let alone put a trainer on. On Monday I went to the pharmacy and bought various different toe covers, convinced I would be able to run in a few days. Tuesday was my day off and I managed to stick on a pair of old loose trainers and mow the lawn. Thinking my toe was fine I was willing to just wait it out and prepared for the possibility of my nail coming off. Ick! After my stint in the garden I came inside and realised that the pressure in my toe was still increasing.

I was starting to worry hard by this point and decided I needed to do something about it. So I called my Mum and she was able to re-arrange her day and take me to the local NHS walk-in centre. I was seen really quickly. The nurse told me my toe wasn’t broken but that she would need to bore a hole into the nail and let the blood out. It took 45 minutes – she said she couldn’t believe the amount of blood that came out. The release of pressure was amazing and my toe became toe-shaped again! The procedure was totally painless which was great because I’m a total wimp! Thank heavens for the NHS! – and for Mum for taking me!

Home again and I could stand and walk on my toe – which was very bandaged up! That evening Mum took me to her Rock Choir class as they’d been told they could bring guests for their end of term session. I’d seen them sing once before and heard Mum practicing but didn’t have any idea of what it would be like to take part. I had a blast! We learned a new song and then sang some old ones, which I just had to pick up as they went along. It took me back to my school and Gospel choir days when I was younger. I’m so glad my Mum has a ‘club’ like this to take part in.

Back to work yesterday and I was able to walk properly on my toe (bandaged up a little of course) and today it’s still weepy but I’m hoping to run on it tonight.

Incidently, Gary has done 7 runs since he started training and last night he ran a full 5k without stopping – and felt great! I’m so proud of him! I wonder whether he’ll decide to sign up for the 5k Fun Run I’m doing in a week and a half. I think he should 🙂

I worked until 10pm last night doing a new season launch – my Visual Merchandising is ropy at best so I’m expecting changes to be made when the store manager comes back but it was planned and executed well and hopefully the decisions I made were okay….. I’ll find out next week!

I had an email this week from RedBubble letting me know that they have featured one of my photographs in their latest blog. Take a look! There’s some amazing art featured in there alongside my photograph.

Today I have another day off because I’m working the whole weekend again. Plans for today are rest and relaxation followed by a house viewing and then hopefully a successful run! Wish me luck!

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Chilling, Singing, Dancing & Celebrating…. and a bit of Running

I have had such a packed weekend, guys! It all started on Friday night. I went out for a run after work and really really struggled. I managed a mile before I knew I had to call it quits. My mind and body weren’t in sync. I think because I knew I’d had a tough week and had the weekend off that I just wasn’t having it. So I gave in. I hated it and beat myself up mentally and verbally for a good few hours. We went to the chip shop for dinner and while we were eating, the kids over the road started playing music REALLY loud. So loud you could feel it through the floor. No one was doing anything about it and I got really agitated so G Man and I got in the car and drove to the Ski Dome. We headed for an internet cafe we know stays open late, ordered a drink and took a seat.

Caramel Chai Latte

We had only just sat down when Gary spotted one of our best friends, Andy, walking past the cafe. We accosted him and his friends and it turned out they’d just been to the cinema and were about to head home. So we kidnapped him and told him he had to spend the rest of our evening with us and we’d give him a lift home. It was a great night chatting and chilling and really made me feel like fate had made us come out of the house so we would bump into Andy.

Saturday was my Mum’s birthday. G Man and I popped into the shops in the morning and ran a few errands and then had lunch. Then after lunch we went over to Mum’s and the whole family were there. We listened to music, danced, ate and Gary played dolls with the kids (don’t ask!). It was a great day – there’s some videos on Vine and Instagram of the party. (Incidentally, I love the video upgrade on Instagram! It’s very different from Vine, which I still like and will use also.) We were shattered when we got back, but decided we’d have a go at watching a new French show they’re showing on Channel 4 called The Returned. An amazing programme, I really recommend it if you can catch up. They’ve shown 2 episodes and the 3rd is on tonight (right now in fact!)

This morning we woke to grey skies. Yesterday I’d seen a news interview with someone about an event going on in London called West End Live. Trafalgar Square was playing host to a free West End event where shows would perform a medley of their show for free. Coincidentally a friend was also going and from what she said it looked great. So we decided we wanted to head down and check out day 2 of the event. Even though the sky was grim we braved the weather and headed over on the train.

Giving my WayeStock tee an outing
Giving my Waynestock tee an outing

I have to say it was very well put on and the crowd loved it. We saw performances from Matilda (that kid was amazing!) Let it Be (don’t waste your money. The John Lennon character kept doing the retard hand clap and I didn’t think it was really appropriate) Thriller Live! (hasn’t improved since we saw it 5 years ago!). Then we went off for lunch at Byron Burger and walked back in time to see a live Dinosaur thing for kids which was really good, some Marvin Magic and then, what we’d been waiting for, Jersey Boys!

Jersey Boys!
Jersey Boys!

It seemed like the whole crowd had been waiting for Jersey Boys and they really got the place dancing. They never disappoint. Strangely, Gary pointed out that the guy playing Frankie Valli was in S Club 7….. weird but he did a good job! After that we headed home and I had a hard time staying awake on the train! When we got back I had a rest in front of the tv and we waited out the rain which was now coming down – I had a planned run to get in!

We both got changed for our run after the rain had stopped. But then it started again as we were about to leave. So we decided to still drive over to the lake I’ve been training on, and see whether the weather was better then. As we got further and further to our destination the clouds got darker and darker. We waited as long as we could in the car before deciding to just go for it. I had planned a 3 mile run (0.5 mile increase from last week) and didn’t want to miss it. We had to stretch under a tree because the heavens opened after we got out of the car, but we managed to make it down to the lake fairly dry. It was a hard slog, with a couple of walking stops but I managed to run 5k (3.11 miles) for the first time! I’m really proud of myself. It was done at a slower pace than I’m used to mainly because I had to walk part of it – half way around my second lap the sun came out and it got BOILING hot out there. But I managed the run in under 33 minutes which means that I should be able to complete my 5k race, next Sunday, in 30 mins or under – as long as it’s not too hot!

my run!
my run!

It’s now 9.45 pm, I’ve just bathed and had a dinner of watermelon and pineapple, because that burger has really filled me up. Don’t think I’ll have a burger on a run day again though…..

Next week – Frankie Valli at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday and on Sunday it’s the Race for Life 5k!

Oh, and I almost forgot. It turns out today is the 4 year anniversary of this blog! So Happy Blog Birthday to me! And thanks for following guys 🙂

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This Week & Thoughts

Since I last posted, not a huge amount has ‘gone down’ (see how ‘with it’ I am).

  • I went out to dinner with two of my best girls and had a wonderful time. Laughing hysterically and always having about 3 conversations at a time. We apparently enjoy tangents.
  • I met another friend for lunch on Saturday which made for a very enjoyably 1 hour lunch break. Every little helps on a Saturday in retail!
  • I wrote a tweet about Justin Bieber which got over 40 retweets from little teeny boppers – I found that hilarious.
  • I started reading “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green, which I’m really enjoying. As much as I’ve been enjoying reading the Moomin books, I was starting to feel my brain going to mush so it’s nice to read something a little more adult.
  • This week Jenny Lawson released the paperback version of her amazing book “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” – despite the fact that I already have the book in paperback.
    see, it's a paperback!
    see, it’s a paperback!

    Apparently my copy is a lie and this new edition is its paperback release. Colour me confused. Anyway, I really want this new edition because it has an additional chapter in it – but only in the US version. Annoyed much?! (p.s. Jenny I love you!) Anyway…..

  • I have rediscovered Damn You Autocorrect and it’s iPhone app, and spent many hours wetting myself laughing over it. So what if some of them are faked? They’re still damn funny!
  • So many of my friends are getting married or planning their weddings, and I’ve been getting so excited over it all. One of my best friends has asked me to go dress shopping with her next month and I CANNOT wait. G Man and I have also been invited to a wedding reception in June – I need to find an outfit!! I love weddings!
  • I’ve been enjoying saying ‘Yes’ rather than freaking out and saying ‘No’, of late. It’s been refreshing to say yes and mean yes.

And here are a bunch of thoughts that have come to me over the last week:

  • Why is there a fashion for girls to wear foundation coloured lipstick? It looks like no one explained what a foundation stick was and they accidentally put it on their lips. It makes them look ill.
  • Leggings as trousers – this one could run on and on.
  • So many young people I know have ‘health’ problems which they use as excuses not to do stuff. They act like old men and women and when they get to adulthood they’re going to regret not making the most of the freedom they had before responsiblity.
  • Too many young people wishing their lives away waiting for a day in the future when they could be making every day amazing and every day count. (Do I sound old and bitter yet?)
  • One of my tweets from last week: “My mantra used to be feel the fear and do it anyway. Since doing that, I feel the fear a lot less. I don’t miss it! #progress
  • What’s with this trend of not using ANY capital letters in blog posts? No where. None. Nada. These are educated, well spoken ladies, who should know better.

So that was my week! I’m off to finish reading my book now……

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